Doing the Impossible: How I Completed a Six Month Caffeine Cleanse

As students, we tend to keep ourselves overly occupied by attempting to balance out the chaotic combination of school, work, and a half-descent social life. Caffeine is a tool that is commonly used to help maintain focus and determination while getting through the business of life. The body produces adrenaline and dopamine, two hormones that... Continue Reading

Canada Needs to Spend More on Defence

The current sidearm issued by the Canadian Armed Forces is a WWII-era Browning Hi-Power, known for its small sights, its tendency to jam about once every 62 shots, how difficult it is to use while wearing gloves or for left-handed people, and the fact users are told not to fully load it to avoid wearing... Continue Reading

A Look at the City of Surrey’s Controversial New Budget

On Dec. 16, Surrey city councillors voted 5-4 in favor of approving a new city budget despite facing high levels of criticism. Prior to passing the first draft of the budget in early December, councillors heard feedback from a crowd of Surrey residents. Participants in the budget draft meeting, which included the President of the... Continue Reading

British Columbians Need to Be Smarter About Winter Preparations

Winter in Canada is brutal. I can’t believe there are actually places in Canada that experience weather that gets colder than -15° C on a regular basis. As someone who lives in Metro Vancouver, I’m pretty sure the coldest winter I’ve experienced is -8° C, and so as much as I understand that I live... Continue Reading

Universities Need to Do More to Settle International Students Into Canadian Life

Surrey is one of the largest cities in B.C., second only to Vancouver. But sometimes, despite its size and growth, it can feel like a small town. It can seem like everyone in Surrey knows one another, and if you belong to a particular community in the city, news travels fast. Last month, the “news”... Continue Reading

Don’t Let the Winter Blues Stop You From Staying Fit

Nature seems to bestow every human being with an extra few pounds when winter comes. This could be a means of staving off the cold, sure, but don’t let that stop you from hitting the gym or practicing cardio over the break. You might find it’s more fun to run for a few minutes on... Continue Reading

How to Give Back Ethically This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us yet again, and in addition to U-Cut Christmas tree farms and grandiose public holiday displays, you may have noticed those familiar bell ringers and red kettles popping up. Yes, it’s that time of year when the Salvation Army begins asking for donations for the less fortunate as their shelters... Continue Reading

What Christmas Looks Like to Someone Who Has Never Celebrated It

If you live in North America, it’s difficult to ignore Christmas — decorations, carols, events, gift buying, and all. Being a person from a different culture where Christmas is never celebrated, this festive season seems full of excitement and happiness. But from the outside, the tradition of decorating trees and homes, family gatherings, and exchanging... Continue Reading

Nuclear Energy Should Be Considered a Tool for Fighting Climate Change

While it seems that there’s limited consensus for the benefits of nuclear energy in the environmentalism movement, there isn’t much debate about the usefulness of nuclear power among scientists. Nuclear energy is safe and powerful, and it needs to be considered a viable option for fighting climate change while meeting our energy demands. Late last... Continue Reading

Surrey Should be Proud of the Peacocks Marching Through its Streets

Big, blue, fluffy birds roaming the streets of Sullivan Heights in Surrey are causing quite the split-up between neighbours and ruffling the feathers of city officials. Peacocks — or more specifically, Indian peafowls — have been casually walking around Sullivan Heights for longer than I have been alive. Last year, a Sullivan Heights resident told... Continue Reading

Just Keep Food Truckin’ Along

Food trucks are an awesome addition to any school. They are a breath of fresh air for the famished and a chance for students to experience some wicked food from different cultures. A few food trucks have been on rotation at KPU this year, and some people have grown tired of the repetition. Don’t get... Continue Reading

Improving Access to Assisted Dying Can End Suffering and Strengthen Human Rights

While having access to physician assistance in dying is not new in Canada, the rules which govern the process still leave a lot of room for improvement. In 2015, the Supreme Court decided to remove the federal prohibition of the end-of-life practice because it violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A year later, the... Continue Reading

What Lowering the Voter Registration Age Means for Youth in B.C.

Perhaps one of the scariest occurrences that happened this Halloween was the introduction of B.C. legislation lowering of the youth voter registration age in B.C. In case that fooled you at first as it did me, this doesn’t mean that youth aged 16 and 17 can vote. They can just pre-register. “What does this mean?... Continue Reading

Comic Books Reflect Society More Than They Affect It

I have a deep love of comic books. My preferred variety of graphic novel is manga, but both of these mediums for storytelling have a special place in my heart. The detail put into each panel, the movement of the characters, the witty dialogue, the love and care put into even the smallest features in... Continue Reading

Cults are Taking Advantage of an Increasingly Digitized Culture

When most of us think of the word “cult”, we think of Jonestown. We think of Scientology. We think of a group of dudes with neckbeards tiptoeing into the woods at night in matching cloaks to murder squirrels and talk about how cool it would be to sacrifice a female virgin if only they could... Continue Reading