KSA WTF: No council minutes for almost a semester?

By Abby Wiseman [coorinating editor]

Inquiring students may have noticed that the KSA council has not posted meeting minutes on their website since Aug. 11 of this year.

The minutes, which detail what is discussed during council meetings, are pending approval by the council. After the minutes have been approved, they are posted on the KSA’s website.

Council has not been able to reach quorum, which means it has not had enough people present to legitimately hold a meeting since September.

The lack of attendance is due to infighting over an impromptu switch in executive council chair, which happened Sept. 17. Some members boycotted council meetings until things are changed, leaving the council  at a stalemate.

Desmond Rodenbour, general manager of the KSA, said that the society can function without council meetings, but some of the larger decisions like policy setting and approving the 2011 budget can not be done without them. Also, external things like the U-Pass and student union building can be halted by the lack of unity.

“At the end of the day, larger contract approval will get held up because council is not meeting,” said Rodenbour.

A letter has been circulated by former KSA executive Steve Lee, urging council to reconcile their differences for the better of the students.

“This is the most important work you can do as an elected official- to come up with, vet and oversee ideas of what the Society can do to help the students of Kwantlen succeed and excel,” writes Lee.


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