Four Federal Candidates Gather to Debate Climate Change Solutions in Richmond

With climate change on voters’ minds this election, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing so much discussion of it during the course of this election campaign. On Oct. 3, four election candidates gathered in Richmond’s Robert Palmer Secondary to discuss the climate crisis. Among them were incumbent Liberal candidate Joe Peschisolido, Steven Kou (Liberal), Jaeden... Continue Reading

Two Local MP Candidates Attend a Meet and Greet Event with KPU Students

It’s not every day that you get to talk to a politician face-to-face. Regardless of which level of government they work in, 90 percent of what we know about our government representatives is absorbed through media, word of mouth, or good old-fashioned research. Yet on Oct. 10, two of Surrey’s MP candidates visited the Grassroots... Continue Reading

Study Shows Importance of Young Voters in the Upcoming Election

The British Columbia Federation of Students recently released a report entitled The Youth Vote: Why Young Voters Can’t Be Ignored, detailing a number of reasons why the younger demographic of eligible voters in Canada will be more important in determining the outcome of the upcoming federal election. In summary, the report shows a steady increase... Continue Reading

A Breakdown the Major Parties’ Platform Promises

I believe that before you commit to a relationship with a very special someone for four years—or potentially longer—you should get to know them first. The 2019 Canadian federal election is approaching quickly, and many folks have already decided on which party their values best align with. Climate change, education, and healthcare are all key... Continue Reading

Surrey-Newton Candidates Debate at KPU Election Forum

Dr. Ross Pink, an instructor and chair of the political science department at KPU, hosted a federal election forum on the Surrey campus featuring Liberal candidate Sukh Dhaliwal, NDP candidate Harjit Singh Gill, and Conservative candidate Harpreet Singh on Sept. 26. The forum was attended by KPU students and Surrey residents. After a brief introduction... Continue Reading

Health Officials Say Evidence Ties Vaping to Lung Damage and Disease

Seeing someone vaping using an e-cigarette at a bus stop or on their walk between classes has become a common occurrence. Originally invented to assist cigarette smokers looking to wean off nicotine, vaping has become a huge trend all across North America. Health officials have speculated that vaping is not a consequence-free alternative to smoking... Continue Reading

How the Surrey Police Force is Progressing to Replace The RCMP

By April 1, 2021, Surrey could have its own municipal police force up and running—that is, if Surrey residents are still in favour of it.  the B.C. provincial government approved Mayor Doug McCallum’s plan to replace the RCMP with a Surrey Police Force on Aug. 22. During the last municipal election, McCallum made crime a... Continue Reading

Explainer: KPU’s History with Varsity Sports

Varsity sports used to have a large presence in KPU’s campus life. There were eight varsity teams, totalling at 92 student athlete participants at the time of the sports program’s cancelation. The sports included in the program were men and women’s basketball and soccer, men’s golf, and women’s badminton. The school’s teams were known as... Continue Reading
A celebration of the B.C. Francophone community at the Legislature

Francophone Rights Group Launches Awareness Campaign #MonéducationNotredroi

“#MonéducationNotredroit” or “My education, your rights” is what the Conseil Scolaire Francophone du la Colombie-Britannique (CSF-CB) is naming its new campaign to raise awareness for a case heading towards the Supreme Court of Canada. CSF-CB, also known as School District No. 93, is the B.C. school district which covers all francophone public schools in the... Continue Reading

KPU is Being “Shortchanged” Compared to Other B.C. Universities, Instructor Says

Here in the Lower Mainland, KPU offers an affordable post-secondary education compared to other schools in the province. However, while other college regions receive an average of over $100 of funding per resident, KPU receives about $72 per region resident according to a report released by KPU instructor Geoff Dean. “We’ve been getting half of... Continue Reading

No End in Sight to the Humanitarian Crisis Afflicting 80 per cent of Yemen’s Population

Out of the 28 million people who live in Yemen, a country at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia, approximately 22 million of them are in need of aid. The United Nations Refugee Agency is calling it “a neglected crisis.” Reportedly, 17 million are going without adequate food, two million have... Continue Reading

After 25 Years at KPU, Music Instructor Don Hlus Has Been Laid Off

KPU Music Instructor and Director of Guitar Don Hlus has “regrettably accepted” a full layoff. The layoff comes after a recent suspension of student intake into KPU’s music program, which is impacting the workload of the music faculty. “Regarding my own situation, I don’t anticipate returning to KPU and part of me simply wants to... Continue Reading

Women and Two Spirit Non-Binary Students Denied Access to the Women’s Center by Campus Security

On July 18, campus security guards denied students access to the Women’s Center on the Surrey campus. Tawahum Bige, a two spirit non-binary student, Mariah Negrillo-Soor and Ainslie Glass, who are both volunteers for the Women’s Center, and another KPU student, Patricia Naguiat, were all denied entrance. KSA Women’s Representative Amei-lee Laboucan had to intervene... Continue Reading

What Post-Graduate Success Means to KPU Students

Whether it’s building a home, finding a community, helping others, or simply being good at what you do, “success” covers such a broad range of things in life that we can often become uncertain of what it means. The Runner asked KPU students what a successful life post-graduation looks like for them. To accomplish this,... Continue Reading

Instructors Express Concern over Accessibility Barriers Within KPU’s Complaint Filing Policy

KPU’s policy on filing complaints about instruction, services, employees, or university conduct may be fundamentally inaccessible to vulnerable students, according to two concerned faculty members. Also known as policy AD2, the document lays out a series of principles and procedures that must be followed by anyone using it as a framework to file a complaint.... Continue Reading