Posters Advertising KPU Student’s Study on Consent Draw Criticism

A KPU Psychology student’s study about consensual but unwanted sexual activity is set to be finalized in April and has been submitted to the Society of the Scientific Study of Sexuality, with the hopes of being presented in November. “We believe it’s a very important study,” says Dr. Cory Pedersen, the Chair of the Faculty... Continue Reading

Recent KSA Election “Marred with Numerous Accusations of Candidates Flouting the Rules”

According to a report filed by KSA Chief Returning Officer Ron Laufer on Feb. 28, the KSA’s February election “was marred with numerous accusations of candidates flouting the rules and procedures of the election process.” “Many of the accusations made are difficult to prove, but can substantially erode confidence in the elections,” Laufer wrote in... Continue Reading

Pilot Project Helps Visible Minority Newcomer Women Find Jobs in Canada

The Canadian government recently announced a project that will allocate $31.8 million over three years to help visible minority newcomer women in Canada. According to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), “visible minority newcomer women may face multiple barriers to success, including gender and race-based discrimination, precarious or low income employment, lack of affordable childcare,... Continue Reading

KPU Music Students and Faculty Members Continue to Fight Cuts from the University

When news broke that Kwantlen Polytechnic University was suspending intake for its music program as part of an effort to reduce course offerings for the 2019-20 fiscal year, students and faculty responded almost immediately. Within a week, representatives of the program were writing angry letters to the Dean of Arts, the Provost, and the President... Continue Reading

KPU Students Increasingly Rely on KSA Food Bank Amid Growing Food Insecurity in Canada

A report issued by Food Banks Canada says that usage of Canadian Food Banks across the country “remains unacceptably high.” According to the report, which is titled HungerCount 2018, in one month alone Canadians made approximately 1.1 million visits to food banks, including over 125,000 in B.C. The report states that 35.2 per cent of... Continue Reading

KSA Sponsors Student Refugee Living in Canada

Sarah, a student refugee who travelled here from Jordan, has been given the chance to lead a new life in Canada thanks to a partnership between the Kwantlen Student Association and the World University Service of Canada through its Student Refugee Program. Funding from the KSA allows Sarah to attend KPU, where she plans to... Continue Reading
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Provincial Government Eliminates Interest on B.C. Student Loans

The 2019 budget announcement made on Feb. 19 included a list of measures the provincial government is taking to reduce taxes for families earning under $80,000 per year. These include introducing child benefit tax credit and, of particular interest to KPU students, eliminating the interest from B.C. student loans. “Students and young families with loans... Continue Reading

KPU Aboriginal Gathering Place to Take New Direction

Changes are coming to KPU’s Aboriginal Gathering Place, known for now as simply the Gathering Place, under the direction of the Indigenous Advisory Committee. The decision to rename the space, made on Jan. 28, reflects a move made earlier this year to change the name of KPU’s Aboriginal Services to Indigenous Services for Students. The... Continue Reading

KSA Student Rights Centre Unsure of Release Date for 2017 Report

The 2017 Student Rights Centre report will likely not be released until after the Kwantlen Student Association’s Annual General Meeting in March, according to representatives from the KSA. The report, like those from previous years, details some of the cases that were brought to the centre by students with complaints about their time at KPU.... Continue Reading

KSA Close to Signing Contract with Construction Company for Work on a Student Union Building

Students who started studying at KPU this year might be able to enjoy a student union building (SUB) of their very own before they graduate, according to the Kwantlen Student Association. Murdoch de Mooy, KSA VP University Affairs, says that the current estimation of when the building will potentially be completed is roughly 4.5 years... Continue Reading

Saudi Student at KPU One of Thousands Forced from Canadian Academia

When Omar Blwshi turned on his laptop in a Vancouver coffee shop, an unexpected message from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau caught his eye. Worried about what the message might say, he hesitated to open it. The email informed him that, due to recent political tension between Saudi Arabia and Canada, he had to leave... Continue Reading

2019 General Election and Referendum Preliminary Results Released

The preliminary results of the 2019 Kwantlen Student Association General Election have been released. Twenty-two candidates were elected to fill positions on KSA Council, including four candidates who were re-elected. There were 12 faculty representatives elected to positions in Arts, Business, Science and Horticulture, Academic and Career Advancement, and Health. For the Arts Representative position,... Continue Reading

Student U-Pass Program to Be Voted on Via KSA Referendum

If you are a KPU student and you’re reading this, it is statistically probable that you use a U-Pass card to transit to school. According to TransLink’s 2017 annual report on the U-Pass program, 61 per cent of KPU students who paid the U-Pass fee used their cards. The report also shows that, in the... Continue Reading

KSA Council Hasn’t Posted Meeting Minutes Since July

Transcribed records from the Kwantlen Student Association’s council meetings have not been posted to the KSA website since July of last year. In addition, nearly all of the minutes from the association’s committee meetings are absent from the website beginning in September. Recording and posting these minutes is the responsibility of the Records Coordinator and... Continue Reading

The Future of KPIRG Rests in Students’ Hands

The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group, the on-campus organization which has been struggling to function normally since filing a notice of civil claim against its founder Richard Hossein last year, could soon be left without a penny to its name. In May, the Kwantlen Student Association voted to stop remitting fees to KPIRG, a decision... Continue Reading