Riding Profile: Surrey-Newton

Sukh Dhaliwal The Liberal Party  Sukh Dhaliwal, the current incumbent Liberal MP for Surrey-Newton, is running again in this year’s election. He was the MP for Newton-North Delta from 2006 to 2011, and is a professional engineer and B.C. land surveyor. His campaign states that he is on the Board of Directors for the Self... Continue Reading

Riding Profile: Delta

Carla Qualtrough The Liberal Party Carla Qualtrough was born in Calgary, Alberta and raised in Langley. She is the current incumbent MP of Delta. Qualtrough has competed as a swimmer in the Paralympic Games in addition to studying political science at the University of Ottawa and human rights law at the University of Victoria. “As... Continue Reading

Riding Profile: Steveston Richmond-East

Joe Peschisolido The Liberal Party Peschisolido is the founder of his own law firm, Peschisolido & Company, and served on the board of Bing Han Enterprises. He was first elected in 2000 as an MP of the Alliance party, and has been the incumbent Liberal MP since 2015. He says he wants to work with... Continue Reading

Voting Strategically: When Not to Do It

With Canada gearing up for elections this month, the usual suspects are dominating political discourse: The Liberals and the Conservatives. In its 152-year history of 42 elections, Canada has seen exclusively Liberal and Conservative Prime Ministers. Canadians tend to vote only for these two parties, especially during contested elections such as this year’s, because they... Continue Reading

The Climate Change Crisis is Informing the 2019 Election

Single-use plastics and pipelines are two of the most discussed issues in the debate around climate change. Restaurants are abolishing plastic straws, grocery stores are banning plastic bags, and protesters are refusing to allow the construction of a pipeline on stolen land. During the first leaders’ debate on Sept. 12, the environment and climate change... Continue Reading

What to Know About the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Before You Vote

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada aims to facilitate reconciliation for former students, families, and communities that were affected by the country’s residential school system. The TRC report is based on the testimonies of around 7,000 survivors of the residential school system. Residential schools predominantly run by the Catholic church opened in Canada in... Continue Reading

This Humanitarian Advocates for Crossing Party Lines

Claire Barrat, raised in a small town on Vancouver island, has “always been more of a left-wing voter,” but didn’t start working on campaigns for progressive change until last year. Since then, she has decided to stay unaffiliated with any particular party. It took time and experience for her to make that decision, however. While... Continue Reading

Meet the Parties You Probably Haven’t Heard About

During the 2015 election campaign, Justin Trudeau made ending Canada’s first-past-the-post electoral system into a major election promise. One of the biggest criticisms of the current system is that, instead of voters walking into ballot boxes to express their views, they enter it to keep out the least-desirable option. Despite this, many candidates outside of... Continue Reading

The KSA Plans to Join Get Out the Vote Campaign

With the federal election just around the corner, the KSA is ready to help you cast your vote. The Kwantlen Student Association is more than just a non-profit organization designed to assist you with your basic needs as a student. It is also committed to guiding you through the mysterious and confusing world of politics.... Continue Reading

Four Federal Candidates Gather to Debate Climate Change Solutions in Richmond

With climate change on voters’ minds this election, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing so much discussion of it during the course of this election campaign. On Oct. 3, four election candidates gathered in Richmond’s Robert Palmer Secondary to discuss the climate crisis. Among them were incumbent Liberal candidate Joe Peschisolido, Steven Kou (Liberal), Jaeden... Continue Reading

Two Local MP Candidates Attend a Meet and Greet Event with KPU Students

It’s not every day that you get to talk to a politician face-to-face. Regardless of which level of government they work in, 90 percent of what we know about our government representatives is absorbed through media, word of mouth, or good old-fashioned research. Yet on Oct. 10, two of Surrey’s MP candidates visited the Grassroots... Continue Reading

Study Shows Importance of Young Voters in the Upcoming Election

The British Columbia Federation of Students recently released a report entitled The Youth Vote: Why Young Voters Can’t Be Ignored, detailing a number of reasons why the younger demographic of eligible voters in Canada will be more important in determining the outcome of the upcoming federal election. In summary, the report shows a steady increase... Continue Reading

A Breakdown the Major Parties’ Platform Promises

I believe that before you commit to a relationship with a very special someone for four years—or potentially longer—you should get to know them first. The 2019 Canadian federal election is approaching quickly, and many folks have already decided on which party their values best align with. Climate change, education, and healthcare are all key... Continue Reading

Surrey-Newton Candidates Debate at KPU Election Forum

Dr. Ross Pink, an instructor and chair of the political science department at KPU, hosted a federal election forum on the Surrey campus featuring Liberal candidate Sukh Dhaliwal, NDP candidate Harjit Singh Gill, and Conservative candidate Harpreet Singh on Sept. 26. The forum was attended by KPU students and Surrey residents. After a brief introduction... Continue Reading

Health Officials Say Evidence Ties Vaping to Lung Damage and Disease

Seeing someone vaping using an e-cigarette at a bus stop or on their walk between classes has become a common occurrence. Originally invented to assist cigarette smokers looking to wean off nicotine, vaping has become a huge trend all across North America. Health officials have speculated that vaping is not a consequence-free alternative to smoking... Continue Reading