Surrey Community Members Say Education Healthcare and Small Businesses Are Priorities This Election

B.C. is having its provincial election on Oct. 24, and local organizations like the Surrey Board of Trade wants the province to focus more on creating jobs for residents in the city. The Surrey Board of Trade aims to bring more business opportunities to Surrey while supporting current businesses. According to Elections BC, Surrey is... Continue Reading

Student Advocacy Groups Support Take it Over Campaign to Encourage Voting

The B.C. election is approaching, and student advocacy groups want students to go out and make their vote count. The BC Federation of Students (BCFS) works to lobby the government and create better learning and educational opportunities for students in B.C. The organization is made up of 170,000 students ranging across 15 post-secondary institutions. Tanysha... Continue Reading

EXPLAINER: Party Platforms for this Provincial Election

Here is a handy guide on the key players in the upcoming provincial election: The NDP, Liberals, Green Party, and Conservative Party. This should fill you in on their stances regarding housing, public health, the economy, and other issues that matter to you. Housing In the last election, the BC NDP promised to build 114,000... Continue Reading

Advocates Say The Need for Safe Supply Has Never Been Clearer

B.C. has been facing the opioid epidemic for years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the need for safe supply for drug users. In the BC Coroners Service report updated on Sept. 23, 1,068 people died of overdoses in the first eight months of this year. B.C. has seen over 100 reported overdose deaths... Continue Reading

Accessible Transit Pilot to Start Testing in Vancouver

Vancouver city council has approved a grant fund that enables them to create a “poverty reduction pilots” for the city. The funds are provided by the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) and the city of Vancouver has been given $50,000. The purpose of the UBCM funds is to create “poverty reduction pilots” for municipalities across... Continue Reading

KSA Designates New VP Finance and Operations Following Resignation

On Sept. 21, Sukhpreet Kaur, the Kwantlen Student Association’s former VP of Finance and Operations, sent a letter of resignation to Titus Gregory, Speaker of Council. The position is now held by Ripunjot Brar, Science and Horticulture faculty representative. In the KSA’s General Council Meeting on Sept. 25, Gregory announced Kaur’s resignation by sharing the... Continue Reading

Explainer: The B.C. Government’s COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

In a plan unveiled Sept. 9, the government of B.C. announced they would be investing $1.6 billion into a fall and winter preparedness plan designed to support the province’s health care system in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Designed to protect British Columbia’s most vulnerable, the province announced an increase in COVID-19 testing to up... Continue Reading

Explainer: Nova Scotia’s Loan Forgiveness Program

At the beginning of August, the Province of Nova Scotia announced a loan forgiveness program for students who were issued provincial student loans after Aug. 1, 2015. For students to be eligible, they need to “graduate from an undergraduate non-professional degree program at a Nova Scotia university.” They also need to have completed their degree... Continue Reading

Collaborative Food Strategy Seeks to Improve Food Security in Vancouver’s DTES

When the Our Place Food Strategy was first formed, it was considered a necessity by many people working to improve food security in B.C. According to the website, the strategy’s goal is to “apply a collective impact approach to improving food access for all in the Vancouver inner city” by sharing resources and skills. Those... Continue Reading

Scholar Strike Canada Calls for Action Against Racial Inequality

On Sept. 9 and 10, hundreds of academics and activists across Canada paused their teaching and administrative duties in order to organize public digital teach-ins on subjects of racial inequality and injustice. The initiative, called Scholar Strike Canada, was a call to action for Canadian academics to protest systemic racism and anti-Black police brutality in... Continue Reading

KPU’s Farrier Certificate Reworked for Fall 2020

Starting Oct. 26, KPU Farrier Science students can participate in online learning, a practicum, and e-portfolios during their 30-week certificate program. The goals of updating the program are for students to graduate with more experience working on horses in the field with industry professionals. As a result, they can be better prepared to move onto... Continue Reading

New KPU International Exchange Program Explores Asia and the Pacific Rim

KPU International is expanding its study opportunities for students. The team recently announced its partnership with University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific Consortium (UMAP), allowing students to form connections with “600 universities and colleges from 36 countries and territories across Asia and the Pacific Rim.” KPU International offers exchange programs to universities in North... Continue Reading

Explainer: Closing Bars May Slow Down Infection Rates

As the new school year begins, many parents and educators have voiced concerns about B.C.’s back to school plan. SFU mathematics professor Caroline Colijn who shared her research with CBC, says there is a five per cent chance of infection on the first day of school for elementary school kids and a 25 per cent... Continue Reading

Explainer: Equal Bathroom Rights in Canada

Transgender people are publicly banned in the United States from using the bathroom that matches their gender identity. In Canada, there are some regional considerations for those individuals to use the bathroom they choose, as well as gender-neutral bathrooms available in some schools and some province and city-owned buildings. In 2016, Bill C-16 was introduced... Continue Reading

Explainer: B.C.’s Fuel Price Transparency Act

Last year, the B.C. provincial government introduced the Fuel Price Transparency Act, which requires gas companies to report their prices for the wholesale gas market.  Gas companies are expected to begin their regular reports to the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) starting this October. The BCUC is an independent agency responsible for regulating B.C.’s natural... Continue Reading