Wilson School of Design Offers the Best Fashion Education in Canada, According to Business of Fashion Magazine

The Wilson School of Design at KPU was recently featured in Business of Fashion magazine’s guide to the top fashion schools around the world, and was even named the “best overall” fashion school in Canada. In addition to being one of only two Canadian schools acknowledged in the guide, the Wilson School also earned badges... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Artist Comments on the Harm Caused by Canada's Knock-off Indigenous Art Market

According to a recent article in The Discourse a study commissioned by the Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia in 2010 found that “88 per cent of small Indigenous-themed souvenirs sold in Vancouver, like keychains, stickers and magnets, were created and sold with no participation from Indigenous artists at all.” These knock-off pieces are typically... Continue Reading
As the next step in cracking down on money laundering in British Columbia, government is working with public and private post-secondary institutions to ensure they are not a target for money laundering after being identified as one of several vulnerable sectors. Learn more: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2019AEST0064-001083

KPU Considers Ending Cash Payments for Tuition Amidst Provincial Concerns of Money Laundering

The Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training issued a letter to all post-secondary and private institutions on May 28 asking them to help deter money laundering in the province. The letter includes a request for institutions that accept cash for tuition payments to review their financial policies and submit copies to the Ministry by... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Polytechnic University to Offer Mentorship Program for Former Youth in Care

Kwantlen Polytechnic University is taking steps to bring together former youth in care who make use of the provincial tuition waiver program. Of the 806 former youth in care who are using the waivers in British Columbia, 25 of them are currently studying at KPU according to Laura Vail, Director of Student Success for the... Continue Reading
Drug Decriminilization Press Conference at BC Legislature.

Provincial Health Officer Calls for Decriminalization of Drug Possession

A report published by the Provincial Health Office entitled Stopping the Harm: Decriminalization of People who Use Drugs in B.C. calls for the possession of illicit drugs to be decriminalized in British Columbia. The report, which was released on April 24, offers a comprehensive argument for how decriminalization is likely to benefit public health in... Continue Reading

Nursing is Now Considered a Profession with Presumed Mental Injury

A recent article in The Star Vancouver explains that nurses in B.C. have been added to the list of occupations with a “presumption of workplace mental injury.” This means that they will more easily be able to access services and compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder and other ailments they sustain while at work. Christine Sorensen,... Continue Reading

Metro Vancouver Seeks Long-Term Transit Investment from Ottawa

Representatives from the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation gathered with federal party members and leaders to discuss securing government funding for transit expansion projects in Ottawa earlier this month. As part of “Transit Day on the Hill”, the Mayors’ Council representatives met with members from all parties—including NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Green Party leader... Continue Reading

KSA Still Not Posting Meeting Minutes Online

The Kwantlen Student Association has failed to post transcribed records from its past five meetings of council, its annual general meeting in March, and several committee meetings, including weekly executive committee meetings. KSA minutes are kept on the association’s website, and are supposed to be updated shortly after they are approved by vote at subsequent... Continue Reading

University of New Brunswick Prof. Conducts Study on Student Homelessness

As post-secondary education becomes increasingly important for Canadians entering the job market, a surprisingly high number of them are being forced to choose between earning a degree and having a place to call home. According to a 2016 report called Without a Home: The National Youth Homeless Survey conducted by the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness,... Continue Reading

KSA Refocuses on Environmentalism through Updated Sustainability Policy

With the intention of ramping up its commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice, the Kwantlen Student Association has updated its sustainability policy for the first time since the document was passed in June 2014. The sustainability policy is designed to inform the association’s decisions and operations in a way that prioritizes environmental sustainability through... Continue Reading

The Committee of the Kwantlen People Plan Democracy-Themed Lecture Series

After sharing a petition that called upon the council and hereditary chief of the Kwantlen First Nation to begin moving towards a democratic system of government, the Committee of the Kwantlen People began planning a series of lectures about democracy to be held at the Kwantlen First Nation Cultural Centre in May. The Committee of... Continue Reading

KPU Welcomes Incoming Provost and VP Academic Dr. Sandy Vanderburgh

Kwantlen Polytechnic University has announced that Dr. Sandy Vanderburgh will begin serving as the university’s incoming provost in May, and will be fully taking over the position when current Provost and VP Academic Sal Ferreras transitions out of it on July 1. After earning his PhD from SFU, Vanderburgh worked as a sessional geography instructor... Continue Reading

Experts and Politicians Discuss Whether Vancouver Should Become a Megacity

Citizens from around the Lower Mainland gathered at SFU’s downtown campus on April 2 to discuss whether Vancouver should become a megacity. Through this process, Vancouver would amalgamate all of the municipalities in the Metro Vancouver area to become one city under a central government. As one would expect, there are many benefits and drawbacks... Continue Reading

After Four Years, KPU’s Beekeeping Program is Still Buzzing Along

After 52 years as a beekeeper, John Gibeau saw an opportunity to create a commercial beekeeping program that would help meet British Columbia’s need for honey bee pollinators. He began working with Kwantlen Polytechnic University to develop it after founding Surrey’s Honey Bee Centre in 2000. The program not only teaches students how to keep... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Student Association Elects new Executives and President

For the first time following the KSA general election in February, the student association’s new council met together on KPU’s Surrey campus to sign their oaths of office and to choose who would occupy the KSA’s four executive positions for the next year. The new councillors were also briefed on meeting rules and procedures and... Continue Reading