From the Editor: How the Catholic Church found new ways to celebrate Easter during COVID-19

Just days before Easter week, B.C. Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced a “circuit breaker,” pausing indoor dining, fitness, and indoor religious gatherings. However, the Catholic Church got creative for the Holy Week and the Latino community from Our Lady of Good Counsel parish in Surrey hosted a drive-in for Good Friday and Resurrection... Continue Reading

Diving in with Dani: Making salsa roja with avocado

There is often a tea towel slung over Felipe Penaloza’s shoulder when he roams between the kitchen counter and the hot stove, his brow furrowed in thought and concentration. Cumbia music vibrates through the shared wall of my bedroom and the kitchen on weekend mornings, accompanied by my dad’s offkey singing, the buzzing of the... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Keeping up with the KSA

During on-campus welcome weeks, the Kwantlen Student Association set up tents in order to showcase their services to students eager to get involved in the university. They would play music, and offer games and food in order to attract people and welcome newcomers. Then, once the week was over, it seemed to a lot of... Continue Reading

From the Editor: KPU’s student life is buried under COVID-19

When I first stepped through the large glass doors of the Surrey campus’ main building, I thought university life would be like the movies. I imagined myself attending sports games, parties, and talking to random people as I made my way to class. In my first month at the university, I found out there were... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Biden seems to love trees and so do we

Environmentally speaking, our neighbouring country is having a great start to its year. One of U.S. president Joe Biden’s biggest climate change promises came true when he signed an executive order for the U.S. to rejoin the Paris Agreement within hours of becoming president. And after signing the Paris Agreement, Biden jumped into revoking the... Continue Reading

Meet KPU: Janice Morris

Janice Morris has been teaching at KPU since 2006. She is the Founder and Festival Director of KDocsFF, Kwantlen’s Documentary Film Festival. She also sits on the editorial board of Mise-en-scene: The Journal of Film and Visual Narration. She is from Vancouver, and has a passion for travel, film, and dogs. She tries as much... Continue Reading

From the Editor: The Runner’s new year's resolutions

When I think of what 2020 brought for The Runner, I think of many stories with sentences that begin with the phrase “Due to COVID-19,” I think of internet disconnections in the middle of meetings, but I also think about our team producing and posting stories every day like a 24/7 factory. The Runner began... Continue Reading

Meet KPU: Erin Pedersen

Having first joined the KPU community as a student in 2016, Erin Pedersen has been active since becoming the KSA’s Sustainability Coordinator in 2018. One of her most recent accomplishments has been her partnership with Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery, which allows KPU students to get a $25 gift card for their grocery orders. She also... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Donating during the holidays now is more important than ever

COVID-19 brought a huge wave of unemployment this year, causing families around the world to experience food and income insecurity, which is why this is the best time to donate what you can to people who need it the most. This holiday season will be different. Some families won’t have the luxury of buying endless... Continue Reading

Editorial: Shedding light on violence against women

Violence against women and girls continues to be a worldwide issue. Let’s educate ourselves and become watchdogs for our family and friends by breaking the chain of gender-based violence. Nov. 25 marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Eight in 10 victims of intimate partner violence are women, and COVID-19 is... Continue Reading

Meet KPU: Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani

Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani has been a part of the KPU community since 2007. He’s started off as an instructor in the psychology department. Now, he is the Associate Vice Provost for Open Education at KPU, and since February has been the acting Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, responsible for overseeing KPU’s transition to remote... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Time management skills are a blessing during midterms and online learning

The end of the fall semester is near, however, we can’t celebrate just yet. There are tight homework deadlines, midterms, and finals, so let’s prevent our time management focus from slipping away. Virtual learning hasn’t been easy. Moodle seems to crash at least once a month. Some professors and students still struggle with using Big... Continue Reading

Meet KPU: Andrea Woo

It all started out with a love for writing, says Andrea Woo about her 17 years of journalism experience. Today, the award-winning KPU journalist is a reporter for The Globe and Mail focusing on substance use, drug policy, mental health, and other health issues. With more than a handful of journalism awards already under belt,... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Why elections are important

This is surely an odd time to have a provincial election, but the ball is rolling, and we need to fill you in on all the candidates. Before digging into why elections are important, I should let you know that The Runner also had an election, and guess who their new editor in chief is?... Continue Reading

Meet KPU: Andre Gress

Andre Gress is a KPU alumnus who graduated from the creative writing program. Earlier this year, he released his first novel series called Boone and Jacque. The first instalment is subtitled Saddleton’s Secret, and the upcoming installment is called The Brothers’ Odyssey.  Gress has a passion for writing fiction, screenwriting, and poetry. Whenever he starts... Continue Reading