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The Runner has now moved to using Facebook comments as the sole mode for our readers to comment on our website.

We announced that we would be making this transition several months ago and have now completed the move.

Readers can now comment via their own Facebook accounts and choose to post each comment to their Facebook wall in the process. It is meant to encourage dialogue and help discussion grow around the topics we cover.

There are two main reasons we have made this change.

First, we are a university newspaper. The vast majority of people who we are trying to engage are active social-media users. Facebook comments allow us to stay in better contact with the students at Kwantlen.

Second, and most importantly, it creates more transparency and accountability for those commenting. By having comments linked to a person’s Facebook account it allows readers to know who is commenting and why they may hold a particular stance on an issue. This also forces the commenters to moderate what they are saying because their identity is now public.

The Runner encourages fair and open discussion on our website and will act to moderate comments only when necessary. By doing this we hope to better serve the Kwantlen community.

If you do notice any problems with the commenting forms or the website in general please contact


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