Your holiday alternative playlist

By Bianca Pencz

Holiday music standards can range from fun to irritating. You can only hear
“Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime” on a loop for so long before
wanting to roast Paul McCartney’s chestnuts on an open fire. Happily,
there are alternatives…

“Christmas Time” The Darkness, 2003
I’ve always said the seasonal soundtrack needs more double-tracked
guitar solos and British falsetto.

“Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)” The Decemberists, 2006
No one likes dealing with that relative who downs the eggnog before
dinner’s even started. Before googling “how to murder discretely,”
play this John Denver update.

“Christmas Bop” T.Rex, 1975
Marc Bolan’s ego was no secret, but “T.Rex-mas”—really? Since he wrote
the catchiest glam rock of all time, I guess he’s forgiven.

“Blue Christmas” Bright Eyes, 2002
Liable to turn your Seasonal Affective Disorder into full-blown
depression, Conor Oberst’s warble makes this a heartbreaking cover.

“Christmas at the Zoo” The Flaming Lips, 1995
Probably the weirdest yuletide track you’ll hear this winter, it’s
less about Christmas and more about liberating animals.

“Christmastime” Smashing Pumpkins, 1997
I can’t think of a better gift than hearing Billy Corgan sing lines
like, “There’ll be toys for everyone.”

“Father Christmas” The Kinks, 1977
There really is no inappropriate format for anti-capitalist satire.

“Don’t Shoot Me, Santa” The Killers, 2007
What I said about The Lips having the weirdest holiday song? I take it
back after re-listening to this. “Oh Santa, I’ve been killing just for
fun…” Amazing.

“I Wish It Was Christmas Today” Julian Casablancas, 2009
Good for 364 days of the year.

“A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)” Glasvegas, 2008
Snow is the great secular joy of the festival season. We can’t agree
on religion, but we can all agree snowflakes are pretty. For that, it
deserves this ode, which is almost prettier.


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