Evanescence's self-titled third album coasts

By Mike Shames
[senior entertainment writer]

3/5 records

It’s been five years since the last time we heard from Amy Lee and Evanescence, and it’s been nine since their debut album put them on anyone’s radar. Since Fallen, Evanescence has become increasingly a niche band.

Those who remember them do so because of their single “Bring Me to Life”, which was featured on DareDevil. The last album, though it sold well, wasn’t a success musically, and is frankly pretty forgettable.

In the band’s third album, Evanescence went back to the musical style that made them famous: “Goth light”, or as I like to call it “pop-rock dressed up in gothic.” It features the same dark lyrics and tone, with Amy Lee belting out in exquisite form.

The first single is “What You Want” – not a bad way to start an album, with a stadium-like anthem. The fast-paced and rocking guitars will get you pumped, but it’s also like the opening track for the two previous Evanescence albums.

Granted, other bands sometimes open their albums with similar sounding songs, but this one just sounds like a clone or remixing of the precious opening songs and first singles (“Going Under”, “Call Me When You’re Sober” and “Sweet Sacrifice”).

The rest of the album has everything one would expect from an Evanescence album – heartbreak and rebellion, darkness and empowerment.

It’s a good album, but its similarity to the band’s previous work doesn’t help fans appreciate Evanescence’s growth. And if you don’t think it sounds too similar, then it at least sounds like they’re trying too hard. If this album escaped your notice – it was released in October – and you want something a little nostalgic, this is a disk to pick up.


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