Boobies and Wieners Art Show a Sexy Success

“Honey” by Tasman Brewster on display at the Boobies and Wieners showcase at The Gallery of BC Ceramics. (Submitted)

While the name of the Boobies and Wieners art show suggests absurdity of a somewhat childish nature, the display itself had a range of art from silly to serious to sexy. The show, which was held at the Gallery of BC Ceramics on Granville Island from Sept. 28 to Oct. 1, was the fifth of its kind.

KPU art student Tasman Brewster, a first-time “Boobies and Wieners” attendee who goes by the moniker “Tuli Bird,” had a sweet piece in the exhibit titled “Honey”.

“Artwork has always been taboo,” says Brewster. “I really wanted to illustrate a woman who wasn’t the stereotypical Barbie girl. I wanted to go for a real girl who has a stomach, who has a little bit of everything.”

Brewster also wanted to depict a woman of colour in her painting, as she has been painting them for the past couple of years. She wanted the piece to be vulgar, but “didn’t want to be over the top with the vulgarness of it.”

The explicitness of the piece draws the viewer’s eye towards it, but its natural beauty becomes increasingly beautiful the more they admire it. Brewster’s piece was not over the top, but instead powerful and inspiring.

Besides “Honey”, there were many penises—I mean, pieces—available to see at the gallery. Some of them were depictions of soft serve ice-cream made from a giant, melty, flaccid phallus, fridge magnets in the form of breasts and genitalia, and a Japanese art-inspired painting of an Oni (Japanese demon) making love to a human woman.

The show may not have been for everyone. Some of the art might be a bit too odd or vulgar, but the show was, for all intents and purposes, exactly what it was meant to be. The work being displayed at Boobies and Wieners was full of emotion and soul, and could make one question what does or does not qualify as beautiful.

If you missed the show, don’t worry—the artists’ names and works are still available online. Plus, with how successful the show has been five times already, there’s a good chance you’ll get to go next year. Until then, keep your pants on.


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