How Ryan Reynolds Became an Honorary Member of the KSA

What started as a joke has led an A-list celebrity to become KPU’s unofficial mascot Jesse Pottinger, Contributor At the Kwantlen Student Association’s annual general meeting on Mar. 30, students took to a vote and appointed Ryan Reynolds as an honorary member of the KSA. “It just started as a joke,” says Landon Charney, the... Continue Reading

Students Vote Yes on SUB Debenture, Strategic Plan, New Councillors at KSA AGM

Revisions to the Association’s bylaws postponed due to inability to reach quorum Jesse Pottinger, Contributor The Kwantlen Student Association held their Annual General Meeting on KPU’s Surrey campus on Mar. 30, with the Richmond, Langley, and Cloverdale campuses participating via video conference. Students voted on topics such as the authorization of the student union building... Continue Reading

Surrey’s New Dog Bylaw Will Benefit Both Dog Owners and the Public

Keeping an extra eye on your pooch Daniella Javier, Contributor No matter how friendly your dog may be, keeping it leashed and/or muzzled in public is a smart move. If you do that, you’ll avoid getting fined or restricted. The City of Surrey is in the process of implementing its new Animal Responsibility Bylaw as... Continue Reading

Meet Your KSA Candidates: Constituency Representatives

Mature Students Representative (1)   Zahid Dossa Previously Students of Colour Rep. Major: Political Science, minor in Policy Students This is your first time running for Mature Students Rep, but you’ve served for a few months now as Students of Colour Rep. Why the change? I ran in the by-election [last October] uncontested, and won.... Continue Reading

What KPU Campus Would Best Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Anthropology prof. Sam Migliore weighs in on how the walking dead would affect student life Alyssa Laube Staff Writer & Melissa Pomerleau Contributor   KPU anthropology instructor Dr. Sam Migliore discusses zombies—among many other preternatural things—in his second year anthropology course Religion, Magic and Witchcraft. Migliore’s interest in zombies came from his brother, an actor... Continue Reading

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at KPU

Alyssa Laube, Staff Writer & Joseph Keller, Web Editor Although rare, the days that paws and claws touch KPU soil are often the happiest ones. There’s nothing like a fuzzy face to make nine hours of gruelling classwork a little easier to stomach, but both pets and wildlife can be tragically tough to find here.... Continue Reading

Haunted Happenings on Campus

This month’s most festive on-campus events Alyssa Laube, Staff Writer & Joseph Keller, Web Editor Pumpkins are being picked, slasher flicks are being watched, and KPU is gearing up for a hair-raising Halloween. There’s enough going on during October this year to get any student ready for the 31st, both in body and in spirit. And... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: Fraternities & Sororities: The Con Side

KPU Doesn’t Need a Frat, and Neither Does Anyone Else Click here to see the other side! Caution: This article discusses sexual assault. The backbone of fraternities is friendship, and that’s lovely. Student morale is indisputably important. It’s an attribute that KPU is notoriously lacking in, and in that regard, a frat house on-campus might... Continue Reading

Lack of Visible Support for LGBTQ+ Community a Problem for Queer Students at KPU

Some students still do not feel comfortable being out on campus Eric Berg Kwantlen Polytechnic University “isn’t necessarily the safe space that people might think it is,” says Kari Michaels, a positive space campaign facilitator and volunteer for KPU Pride. In her time in these roles, she’s heard first hand accounts from KPU students of... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: Public Schools v. Private Schools

Funding increase to private schools is a symbol of elitism and ignorance by Alyssa Laube Despite receiving over a half-billion taxpayer dollars in public school funding last year, the Vancouver School Board finds itself encumbered with a $24-million deficit. Nearly 30 other districts are facing similar crises province-wide due to a collective funding cut of... Continue Reading

Proposed bill pushes post-secondary institutions to create sexual assault policies

KPU working towards increased campus safety “for the past two years” Kier-Christer Junos, Staff Writer, with files from Daniella Javier, Contributor Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver has introduced a bill in the B.C. Legislature that demands post-secondary institutions act effectively on cases of sexual assault. If enacted, the bill will create legal obligations for colleges... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: Minimum Wage

Minimum wage should stay where it is Merit, not entitlement by Kyle Prince The minimum wage is being reconsidered in BC as people push to raise it once again to $15 an hour. Only problem is, minimum wage isn’t meant to be living wage. It’s meant to put a bit of spending money into high... Continue Reading

Meet KPU’s Student Ambassadors

Helping build university culture, one student at a time by Kyle Prince and Monica Mah You may have noticed a group of Kwantlen Polytechnic University students flooding your social media accounts with pictures and promotions for everything related to the institution. These are KPU’s Student Ambassadors, and their mission is to “represent the university from... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: The Road More Travelled

LRT is the future of transit in Surrey by Kyrsten Downton Surrey is one of the largest municipalities in B.C. and it is steadily rising. Many people are moving there because of its affordability, but it’s difficult to get around. To help build a stronger city, Surrey is looking into expanding the public transit system.... Continue Reading

“You’re putting your life in the horse’s hands”

A look inside KPU’s farrier program By: Monica Mah & Kyle Prince Have you ever sat on Santa’s lap and asked for a pony? Well, you might not get to bring the horses home with you, but in Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s farrier program you’ll learn to care for horses’ hooves by trimming their nails and... Continue Reading