Love in the Club: KPU Animation Club

Animation club looks to fill a niche Kwantlen Polytechnic University offers a variety of art classes, but none for the art of animation. John Holt, who has animation degrees from Bellevue College and Vancouver Film School, hopes his newly founded Animation Club can fill the missing niche. “There are plenty of classes that you can... Continue Reading

GradsLikeMe seeks to aid Canadian youth employment

Provides tools to increase access to potential jobs Finding employment after graduation is a significant issue for university students. Classes within specialized programs teach them the skills they’ll need to work in their respective fields, yet most post-secondary programs lack practical employment skill training. Ashton Louie is the creative marketing director for a new Vancouver-based... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Eagles Continue to Fly Despite Varsity Funding Cuts

Players stay focused on the current season, but the future is uncertain The Kwantlen Eagles did not exactly have a smooth start to the season. With the announcement of funding cuts for varsity sports and the subsequent withdrawal from PACWEST, players and coaches alike were left confused and upset. Despite these announcements, however, both the... Continue Reading
Photo from The Green Party of Canada

A Run-Down of the Green Party

Not just a one-issue party, according to candidates Founded in 1983, the Green Party of Canada is one of the newer parties on Parliament Hill. For this election campaign the Greens are focused on building “A Canada that works. Together.” Here is a look at how the party hopes to do just that. “The Greens... Continue Reading

Female Athletes Aren’t Treated with Equal Dignity

The media sends ambiguous messages about women’s sports Media coverage for sporting events is often different when it involves female athletes, typically highlighting gender rather than talent or skill. Coverage for the recent FIFA Women’s World Cup held here in Vancouver was no exception. While traditional sports reporting will cover scores and player statistics, and... Continue Reading

Taking a Bite of the Big Apple

Four steps to making the most of your summer vacation destination. Travelling to a new city is exciting, yet daunting all at once. The anticipation, planning and saving builds up to a series of surreal moments. The memories made and experiences had help us grow as individuals. They are irreplaceable. It does not matter where... Continue Reading

Sony Pictures Imageworks visits Kwantlen Career Day

Walking the streets of Vancouver, one may end up near the set of the next major Hollywood blockbuster. It’s hard not to drive through the Lower Mainland without seeing film crews, set location markers, crew parking signs and trailer circuses. Since the 1970s, Vancouver has shared with Toronto the affectionate monicker “Hollywood North”, and Vancouver deserves the title for being so close to Hollywood itself. A quick plane ride or road trip from Los Angeles and you are in Hollywood 2.0.... Continue Reading

Arts Club making a move

Quality and innovative theatre are not exclusive to Broadway and New York. Vancouver’s Arts Club theatre company was founded as the Arts Club of Vancouver in 1958, and is now the biggest theatre company in Western Canada. On March 16, the Arts Club announced that they will be closing the Revue Stage and opening the West First Stage in November, a new theatre on West 1st Ave. in Vancouver’s Olympic Village. ... Continue Reading

New black spot for pirates in Canada

Updated copyright laws hope to address internet piracy By now, most people are likely familiar with the anti-piracy warning included on DVDs: “Piracy is not a victimless crime.” Despite its dire words, in 2012 a study of BitTorrent users found that Canadians had the fourth highest amount of unauthorized musical downloads. But even with this... Continue Reading