Olympic apathy

By Denny Hollick [Co-ordinating Editor]

Lately, I have been hearing much apathy regarding the Olympics coming to town, and can’t quite seem to understand why. Most my friends that I talk to talk about how they are going to leave town for those two weeks of “hell” in February. I’m not exactly sure where this apathy comes from, but I think it’s time that someone sheds a bit more light on the subject.
The Olympics aren’t coming to town to be a time of chaos. The Olympics, will be a massive time of celebration where nations from hundreds of different countries convene in one place: Vancouver. Many people see this as just an annoyance.

I feel that Vancouver really hasn’t had the opportunity to collectively come together and celebrate anything major like the Olympics. I think this is why so many people curse it. Think of the energy in the air when you are at a concert, hockey game, or some other mass gathering.  You find yourself many times, celebrating with the complete stranger beside you, drinking beer, and throwing out random high-five’s. The air can be electric, and leave you floating for days (not in reference to the second hand pot buzz you received at your last concert).

Usually during the Olympics, the only side we see are the sporting events on TV. But don’t be fooled. This is only a small portion of what the Olympics will portray. The rest will be flooding out in to the streets of Vancouver and Whistler – That contagious electric buzz.

“Traffic will be horrible” my one friend says. “I guess I’ll go to Mexico that week.” I cursed at him for being so naive.  I told him, “Think of all the foreign ladies that will be here my friend! Vancouver will be blessed with some of the most beautiful people for two weeks!” He promptly changed his mind.

Of course, the Olympics will be much more than the worlds biggest party, but an opportunity for Vancouver to showcase to the world what were made of.  Not to mention the public benefit we should expect to see (infrastructure improvements such as Canada Line and economic development) The opportunities are grand and endless.
Not only will this bring an awesome opportunity to grow economically and improve infrastructure (We have a very large infrastructure deficit right now) but it might get Vancouverites in the habit of taking transit and living a positive alternative lifestyle.

Bottom line is, the Olympics seem to be misunderstood, and until you experience it, I’m not sure you’ll understand. This is why so many nations, have applied for the Olympic bid more than once. If it didn’t bring them so much benefit and opportunity, why would they keep going back for more?

Give it a shot, and tell me then that I was wrong. And lets be honest – you have quite a stake and investment in the games. Don’t you want to get your moneys worth out of it?


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