Kwantlen awards over $1.1 million in scholarships

By Denny Hollick [Co-ordinating Editor]

The Kwantlen General Awards  dinner went off without a hitch last week, where hundreds of thousands in scholarships were given away to Kwantlen students. The awards recognize the hard work of students at Kwantlen for academic achievement, community involvement and personal achievement.

The dinner took place at the Coast hotel in Langley with approximately 300 guests in attendance. The ceremony brought together some of Kwantlen’s finest students, community leaders and scholarship donors.

“Currently Kwantlen awards more than $1.1 million to 850 Kwantlen students through our scholarship and awards program,” said Jeff Norris, the executive director of the Kwantlen Foundation. “This year more than 2000 students in total applied for awards.”

Students who apply for scholarships are judged by a committee which is formed by Kwantlen, which reviews all of the applications. Selections are based on the criteria of the awards and quality of the applications

The money received by students helps pay for tuition and day to day expenses which many students would otherwise not be able to afford.

“It creates a diverse body of students. It levels the socio-economic playing field,” said Shelley Coburn, one of the award recipients. “They make it possible for me to go to school. It makes it easier for me to pay my tuition and not incur student debt – I can focus on my studies.”

The awards are open to all Kwantlen students.

Students can apply online with the Students Awards and Financial Assistance department at


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