The KSA 2009: A year in Review

The KSA says they are here to provide two things to the students: advocacy and services. This means it is up to the elected staff to work with us and take our concerns to the university administration, the Canadian Federation of Students and to external policy makers. It also means they are there to make sure we get some pretty sweet stuff. As a students get ready for another election, we at the Runner have compiled a list of what our current elected officials have done for us to help our readers make informed decisions in the upcoming election.

By Melissa Fraser [Culture Editor]

•Created the Beer and Girly Drinks committee, which had nothing to report throughout
the year.

•Organized SEXPO 2009 featuring Daniel Packard.

•Cancelled Langley’s
Sexpo event.

•Adopted Tap-In’s proposal to ban the sale of bottled water in KSA space.

•Spent $5000 on reusable water bottles designed by KSA

•Organized Cram Jam 2009 with Danny Fernandes and Destineak. The Runner reported that the event was budgeted $25,000 and it was estimated that roughly 600 people attended the event. “Arguably one of the greatest Cram Jam events the KSA has held, thanks entirely to the amazing team of staff, officials, and volunteers who spent their summer working on this event.” – Vanessa Knight, director of events and student life.

•Held a fee referendum and passed all ten proposed fees.
Student Union Building Fund
START Volunteer Fund
Social Justice Fund
Radio Free Kwantlen Fund
Peer Counselling Program Fund
Intramurals Fund
Club and Events Fee
Battle IMPARK Fund
Advocacy Service Fund
“The issue of KSA fees has been debated now since 2007, so finally being able to move forward on a set of questions and see them pass was gratifying.” – Steve Lee, director of finance.

•Phased in new fees to avoid a large initial increase.

•Axed Social Justice Fund, which was approved in the student referendum.

•Is fighting to get the KSA out of the Canadian Federation of Students, despite the students voting to stay with the CFS during the September referendum.

Organized a Casino Night at the •Richmond Campus

•Cancelled Casino Night at the Richmond Campus.

•Replaced chairperson after the Casino Night at the Richmond Campus was cancelled.

•Brought beer to the Surrey Campus.

•Lowered the price of beer on the Surrey Campus.

•Organized licensed events on the Richmond Campus.

•Organized Smoke Out 2009 – Held by SHIP and the Kwantlen Wellness Centre.

•Underground 2009 – “Our First Club Night Featuring DJ Flipout, was a definite success, and I’m proud to say came in under budget.” – Vanessa Knight, director of events and student life. Took the CFS to court to ensure that Kwantlen students had a vote in the society. Won the case.

•Held UPass forum for all students.

•Encouraged diversity and cultural awareness through events such as Taste of Asia and Diwali Festival.

•Provided you with free condoms, tampons and jumper cables. Also offered discounted movie tickets and Playland passes.

•Lobbied to have a toilet put in the Farrier building.

•Passed society bylaws to avoid internal extortion.

•Fighting the previous KSA government, who between 2005-2006 conducted illegal activity under the banner of the student society


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