A tasty review: The Eatery

By Kristi Jut [Entertainment Bureau Chief]

As both a sushi connoisseur and a pop-culture enthusiast, I give myself the authority to say that Vancouver’s “The Eatery” is a perfect marriage of the two.

Buried in Kitsilano, this funky fusion restaurant is a gem for university students who are all-too-eager to spend their student-loans and gain their frosh 15 chomping down on dishes like the “Fat Elvis” (a plate of deep-fried avocado) and inhaling empty calories drinking Ninja Turtles or Saketinis.

The walls are adorned with Andy Warhol style paintings of Jackie O’Nassis and Marilyn Monroe while papier maché octopi and sculptures made entirely with ‘80s toy figurines hang from the ceiling.

Its atmosphere is capped off with sweet tunes (again aimed at university students) and tables candlelit with Dad’s root beer bottles.

Their impressive array of rolls includes the KFC roll (chicken cutlet and avocado for those averse to raw fish), the Captain Crunch roll (deep-fried California roll) and my personal favourite, the Bob Marley roll (mango and avocado topped with raw tuna and a cucumber wasabi paste). They make way for the somewhat adventurous with veggie croquettes and the raw-on-the-inside-deep-fried-on-the-outside tuna drops, and also for the conventional Japanese foodies with donburi bowls and teriyaki dishes.

If, for some odd reason, all of that is not enticing enough, they do serve deep-fried MARS bars or bananas sautéed in rum for dessert.

If you’re an over zealous college kid with a penchant for spending money, don’t deny yourself the experience of The Eatery. Go for the fabulous fusion food, stay for the pop-art. Or vice-versa.

The Eatery is located at 3431 West Broadway and is open from 4:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. weekdays, and 12:30 p.m. until midnight on weekends.


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