Drugs + festivals = no good


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Ah, festival season is upon us.

For North America, Austin, Texas’ SXSW just ended. The exponentially growing Coachella music festival in Indio, California comes just in time for the American spring break in April. Then in May, there’s the one that’s most near and dear to us Lower Mainland dwellers: Sasquatch! festival in Washington.

While we cross our fingers for our favourite bands to appear on our nearest music festival line-up, there’s one thing that remains constant each year, at every music fest from Glastonbury to Bonnaroo. And that’s drugs.
If you don’t believe me, YouTube this: Bonnaroo, I got it.

But it’s more likely that you already do believe me, because not only does history indicate that music and drugs are never far from each other (see: Woodstock), you’ve probably been one of those dirty, strung out festival goers looking to buy acid from the guy in the tie-dye shirt.

If you happen to be one of the thousands of people who does pick up a tab or two, remember that you’re there for the music, not just the drug-addled camping experience (though it is sometimes part of the appeal).

As my experience went one year, I missed out on seeing Neko Case just because I wanted a handful of mushrooms. Instead of being outside with hydrated happy hippies, I was fanning myself off in my suffocating tent, hallucinating that I was an insect egg, and waiting to feel normal again. I haven’t gotten the chance to see her again since.

Luckily, she’ll be around for a while, but think of the people who may have had the same experience just 40 years ago and missed Jimi Hendrix because they were trippin’ out way too harsh. They’ll never get the chance to relive that experience.


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