It’s our party and we’ll cry if we want to

The Olympics are coming whether you like it or not – so why not enjoy them?

By Anastasia Kirk [Travel Bureau Chief]

Even with less than a month to go, people are still protesting the Olympics. It’s a little late at this point. But it’s not too late to get out of town, and that’s precisely what many people are thinking of doing. What’s odd about this is that most people would jump at the chance to visit the Olympic games in any other country. Likewise, people travel halfway around the globe to party at some of the world’s biggest festivals. But when the party comes to us, all we do is bitch.

This is understandable if you’re not the party type, if you like to spend your weekends at home on the couch or if you strongly oppose the Olympics for one reason or another. But most people that I’ve heard complaining are the same people who always complain that there’s “nothing to do in this town,” or that “nothing exciting ever happens here.” Needless to say, the inkling to strangle each one of these whiners is ever growing.

The Olympics are coming, whether you like it or not. So why not enjoy them for what they are? Never again in our lifetime will Vancouver play host to the Olympic games. It’s pointless to protest them or try to escape them. The best we can do now is submit to the frenzy that will soon surround us and be a part of Olympic history.

And if you need anything else to ease your troubled mind, just remember that it’s only going to be two weeks of potential hell. Most of us put up with four years of hell at university, and sure we bitch, but most of us don’t run. So brace yourselves, but remember it’s a celebration, not the end of the world.

Vancouverites are natural-born partiers. We’ve been preparing for this moment our entire lives. Surely we can all stick around for a two-week long shindig and live to tell the tale