Sushi comes to the Grassroots Lounge

By Christopher Poon [Media Editor]

The Kwantlen Student Association will begin to offer sushi in its Grassroots Cafe as part of a new initiative to provide students with a more varied flavour and some fresh alternatives.

Two weeks ago, the Grassroots Cafe offered a one-day sushi special, in order to gauge student interest.

Nathan Griffiths, marketing and communications coordinator said that they had seven different varieties of sushi available, including brown rice varieties of california and veggie rolls, all of which were sold for $5 per roll. Each roll consists of nine pieces.

“We’re testing out some new product lines for the Grassroots.” said Griffiths, “[The sushi] sold well enough for us to carry again, but we’ll probably offer around four different types [rather than seven].”

Griffiths noted that the sushi would most likely end up as a once-a-week lunch special. The sushi is not made in-house, but is brought in.


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