Jammin' with Ginger: New technology, old-time blues

Courtesy scarlatti2005 // flickr

By Kristi Alexandra [culture editor]

People are in love with nostalgia. Young people love to prove how much they know about things that happened years before they were actually aware of them (Yeah, you’re the world’s biggest Pavement fan. You’ve been following the band’s career since you were three. Very likely.), all while excluding those who were around during that time (“Yeah right, Mom. You don’t even know who Stephen Malkmus is!”).

Luckily for us youngsters, technology has propelled us into being even more in touch and knowing more about the popular culture of yester-year (or yester-decade) than we ever thought before, in thanks to streaming websites like Musicovery.com and Deezer.com.

How else am I, a 20-something college student who was weaned on shit like the Spice Girls and at the very best Pearl Jam, supposed to get right into the greats like Muddy Waters, Otis Redding and, hell, even Big Bill Broonzy? With the help of our 21st century friend, the Internet, we can regale in all of the glory of musical artists of the past, before we were even an embryo of a thought.

Ah, now for some whiskey and old-time blues…


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