Get over it: New drinking laws a good thing

By Mae Velasco
[arts and design bureau chief]

A new law–one of the strictest in the country–came into effect on Sept. 20, 2010. The new drinking and driving laws are in effect to reduce the number of injuries and deaths, which are especially high in B.C.

According to the law, if your blood-alcohol level is between 0.05 when blowing into a breathalyzer, you will be suspended from driving for three days and will face a fine of $250. On top of that, your car can be towed and impounded, which means you could be spending approximately $600 altogether.

According to an online calculator with the Canadian Automobile Association, a 120 lb woman who consumes two glasses of wine in two hours would have a blood-alcohol intoxication above 0.05. It would be the same for a 180lb man after four beers in two hours.

It takes me about three to four drinks before I’m really hammered.  If two drinks for a 120lb woman is 0.05, then the law totally took its toll. I think people are going to think twice about how much they’re drinking before getting behind the wheel. The attitude that people should give toward it is  “think twice”. This is definitely the point of the new law: stop drinking and driving.

In a report on CTV, the owner, Todd Arbuthnot, of the Fox’s Reach pub in Maple Ridge said he was not getting as many customers as he was before. Being desperate for customers, he offered a free shuttle service from the pub to get his customers home safely.

According to an article in the Metro, business for cab companies are surely “in the business.” No more complaints of boredom.

It’s going great for the cab drivers. MacLure’s Cabs are saying that if you need a cab call twenty minutes in advance with the exact location and address. They also don’t recommend calling exactly at 2 a.m. especially since the clubs close during that time. If you want a cab and faster service call a bit earlier or book a time to be picked up.

Please don’t drink and drive. If you repeatedly do it the laws are as severe as ever. It’s not a great plan at all since you’ll never know when a cop will randomly appear and the death and injury rate is high. If you do plan to party call a cab from your cell phone at #8294 and you’ll find a cab in your city.


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