Kwantlen’s Got Talent: Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer Campbell, KSA’s Langley Director, starred in Over the River and Through the Woods.

By Mae Velasco [current events bureau chief]

Courtesy of Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer Campbell, KSA’s Langley Director, starred in Over the River and Through the Woods. Campbell performs as Caitlen O’Hare who plays as bait for Nick Cristano (Benjamin Ettenberg). Cristano decides he wants to move to Seattle leaving his wonderful grandparents behind to take up a promotion for a marketing executive job. His grandparents do not want to let him go so they find a way to try and convince him to stay and this is where O’Hare uses her charm.

Apparently, Cristano has no reason to stay so his grandparents – Frank Gianelli (Dan Tribe), Aida Gianelli (Lonna Peters), Nunzio Cristano (Mike Runté), and Emma Cristano (Pat Bird) use O’Hare since she’s single to just stay and not leave to go to Seattle.  Nick Cristano is the only grandson who came to dinner every Sunday and was around for his aging grandparents.

I personally enjoyed the play done by The Murrayville Performers. Onstage, the characters had great chemistry. Watching the play with older grandparents who they themselves played the role of the grandparents was simply inspiring. They were funny and meshed well together. Campbell did a stellar performance along with the cast.

The play flowed smoothly and was just awesome. I would definitely see another play. Thumbs up for a performance well done!

Interview with Jennifer Campbell

Mae Velasco: So why did you decide to do the play?

Jennifer Campbell: I’ve been acting since I was seven. The director I worked with named, Ellie King contacted me and I decided to go for it. The audition was a good learning experience. I was thinking I wouldn’t get it [a role], but I did.

MV: How long did you rehearse with the crew?

JC: The second week of August was the rehearsals.

MV: Who’s your inspiration in life?

JC: That’s a tough one. I have many inspirations in my life. One of them is Idina Menzel and the other one is Kristen Chenoweth because they’re just groundbreaking stars. My brother, niece, and nephew are a big part of me as well.

MV: Are you going to join other plays as well?

JC: Yes, look for me in the play directed by Ellie King in Alice in Wonderland from December 16, 2010 – January 2, 2011 done by the Royal Canadian Theatre Company.  It’s a British Pantomime. This will be held at the Surrey Arts Centre where I play the character Daisy. I’m one of the Dame’s three daughters.

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