U-Pass delayed again

KSA now hoping that U-Pass will be available in the Fall.

By Matt DiMera
[news editor]

Despite promises during the recent U-Pass referendum that it would be made available to students starting in May, the KSA is now predicting a Fall implementation.
Matt Todd, KSA director of external affairs, placed the blame squarely with TransLink.

“Kwantlen students are left out in the cold again for the U-Pass,” said Todd at Wednesday’s council meeting.

According to Todd, TransLink stopped negotiations on Feb. 10.  “TransLink sat on their ass for a month after [Vancouver Community College signed],” said Todd. “Douglas and Kwantlen are both being left out.”

In order for the U-Pass to start at Kwantlen in September, the final details of the contract with TransLink must be concluded before registration for the Fall semester begins at the end of May.

A Brief History of the Kwantlen U-Pass

2003: Negotiations between Kwantlen and TransLink begin.

Fall 2008: KSA is offered a $19/month U-Pass.  KSA says they hope to hold referendum in Spring 2009 with U-Pass starting in Fall of 2009.

Spring 2009: KSA turns down $19/month U-Pass, citing TransLink’s refusal to commit to service improvements. No U-Pass referendum is held.
Fall 2009: KSA holds transit consultations with students. KSA once again announces intentions to hold referendum in Spring 2010.

Spring 2010: No U-Pass referendum again.

Fall 2010: Anticipated Fall U-Pass referendum is delayed due to negotiation delays with TransLink.

February 2011: Eight years after negotiations began, Kwantlen students finally get to vote on the U-Pass. The U-Pass referendum passes successfully. Kwantlen students will pay $40/month (still with no promise of transit improvements from TransLink). KSA says U-Pass will be available starting in May.

March 2011: KSA issues press release saying U-Pass will be delayed until at least Fall 2011.



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