KSA revenues rise by $670,000

By Matt DiMera
[news editor]

The KSA took in more money in 2010 than ever before, mostly through student fees, according to their recently-released financial audit.

The KSA’s revenues increased by 19 per cent from $2.92 million to $3.59 million last year. Gary Wozny, the KSA’s auditor, presented the 2010 audit at the KSA’s annual general meeting, on Wednesday, March 30.

The total cost of staff wages and benefits rose to $714,981 from $602,258 in 2009.  Wages and stipends for elected officials were up to $192,066.  Wozny noted that the KSA’s legal  fees were substantial and came in at $141,598.

Increases in 2010 spending

$29,199 – Conferences and travel up more than 300 % to $29,119.

$192,066 – Elected officials wages up to $192,066

$714,981 – Staff wages and benefits up 16 % to $714,981.

Other 2010 highlights
– Legal fees and lawyers $141,598
– More spent on bursaries
– KSA owed $15,609 in bad debts by Golds Gym
– Grassroots cafe lost $15,947



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