Former director of events: still banned, still no answers

Plenty of questions remain surrounding Bali’s banning.

By Matt Law
[media editor]

The KSA executive board has recommended that the ban on former director of events Reena Bali be lifted, but council has yet to respond.

The KSA’s director of operations, Justine Franson, authored the July 22 report which also suggested that if Bali were to behave inappropriately in the future council should impose “a more severe punishment.”

There are still plenty of questions surrounding why Bali was banned from Kwantlen Student Association offices April 6.

New information about an alleged altercation between Bali and the current director of events Tarun Takhar was detailed in an undated letter from Takhar addressed Franson that gives his version of events.

“While I was standing outside, the then Director of Events and Chairperson Reena Bali suddenly approached me in anger and frustration. She yelled ‘I am going to sue you, I’m going to sue you for this,’” wrote Takhar.

Takhar also states a second altercation took place on a later date where, “The ex Director of Events also told me to ‘watch out’ and this is when I got a little scared.”

The report further states “Takhar brought his concerns to Council as he felt threatened by Bali’s behaviour.”

But according to Bali, that’s not how it happened.

“The only thing I said along the lines of suing was ‘if you try to steal money or anything then I hope you realize that you can get sued’ because it was under the context of the whole RAF situation,” said Bali. “That was the only thing that had the word sue in it, which wasn’t even directly towards him, it was like a comment, like stating a fact, ‘if you do something illegal, you can get sued for it,’” she said.

Bali is adamant that she never told Takhar to “watch out.”

“The only thing I told him was that the events portfolio was a really big portfolio and that it may be overwhelming,” she said.

There are also questions surrounding a letter that was sent to Bali, dated June 15, and a second letter, dated June 13, that were presented to council in the report by Franson.

Bali said she was sent the June 15 letter by mail but never received the June 13 letter that was presented to council. Both letters are signed by Franson.

The June 15 letter states “You have expressed to The Runner that you have tried to contact Council in regards to this matter. We have not received any emails, letters or messages from you since April 1st, 2011.”

But the report by Franson contains an email from Bali, dated April 14, that asks for clarification on why she was banned.

Takhar issued the following statement in an email when asked for comment.

“It is the KSA’s standard to conduct written or email interviews only. In future situations to be respectful and professional please send me at least 48 hour notice. However my comment on the altercation is: I am glad the issue is been put behind the student association. On July 21st 2011 at the executive board of directors meeting the chair person issued a report in regards to this matter and you can find details there.”

Franson did not respond to a request for interview by deadline.