Take a twist on the trench

By Laura Collins

The trench coat has always been a great spring piece. Maybe a tan one is hanging in your coat closet right now. But this spring, it’s time to think bold and take a turn on a classic.

Look for pattern, choosing anything from floral to plaid. Because the trench is a larger clothing item, stick with bigger prints. Opt for larger flowers, instead if a bunch of tiny clusters, so that you don’t get dizzy when wearing the coat.

Try out different fabrics to give this classic a new look. Leather can be a great alternative, but veer away from black. It can look too harsh in the spring. Try lighter browns, or an army green to lighten up the heavier fabric.

Denim is fun to play with. There are many different denim washes out there, but you don’t have to pick just one. If you’re willing to go a little further, look for a trench coat that has incorporated two washes, adding an edge to the jacket.

Colour is always a big deal for spring. You can finally get out of those dark purples and blues and wrap yourself in some brighter pieces. This spring, the colour trends are all over the place. There is fuchsia, teal, florescent yellow or pastels such as orange or blush pink. There are closets full of options, so find which one that suits your skin tone and personality best.

When the weather warms up, it means less fabric. Try a trench coat with three-quarter length or short sleeves. This simple detail will add some character to your coat. But be warned, a coat with shorter sleeves is less versatile when it comes to the length of shirt you can wear underneath it. This makes the cropped-sleeve trench a great option for warmer days, but you’ll need to make sure you have other options when your look includes a wrist-length shirt.

Spring in the Lower Mainland can sometimes mean a lot of rain. Be prepared for the weather by purchasing a rain repellent trench coat. The spring version of this jacket usually doesn’t have a thick liner, so you may need to wear a warmer shirt underneath. But if you’re caught in the rain, you’ll be sure to keep dry and stylish.

The trench coat is an iconic spring staple. This season, use your imagination to add a different twist on this classic piece.


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