Kwantlen students' thoughts on the KSA

The Runner takes to the streets.

Maham Choudhry. (The Runner)

In anticipation of the KSA election, The Runner took the streets to get students’ thoughts. This is what they had to say.

The Questions:

A) What does the KSA do?
B) How will you be voting?

Carolyn Li

The Answers:

Carolyn Li, Biochem student:

A) “The KSA? I think they do a few things, like plan events, and do things with the MultiPass, and gym membership. Outings? A lot of sporting events, I guess? And the food bank?”

B) I don’t know when it is, but depending on who has better morals and ideas for activities. Maybe create a more fun environment?”


Maham Choudhry

Maham Choudhry, Business Administration student:

A) “KSA is here for students, they have various clubs, dental programs, anything students need, they’re there for you. Any time  you need something, they’re there for you.”

B) “I want to make sure that they’re the right people in the KSA who’re actually willing to help students, and that they have good policies, and good opinions and good strategies for students. You should read about the candidates. I think it’s very important to vote.”

Winston Le



Winston Le, Creative Writing student:

A) “Deals with student funds, I guess? I don’t know.”

B) “I’m not voting. I don’t vote for KSA election, usually.”


Vanessa Dobin

Vanessa Dobin, English student:

A) “Let guys who let pro-life guys shove their opinions down other people’s throats.”

B) “I didn’t really know there was [an election]. Maybe if I vote, hopefully it will be for people who won’t hurt female choices.”


Alexander Mortin



Alexander Mortin, Physics student:

A) “I know they supply a whole bunch of services to people, I don’t use too many of them.”

B) “I didn’t even know there was one (an election).”


Sophia Toor


Sophia Toor, Political Science/Sociology student:

A) “I don’t know. Take our money? They provide us services, which I personally don’t know, but others do?”

B) “I believe somebody has to be accurately representing us.”