Fall Fashion at KPU

It’s that time of the year again. With temperatures dropping for classic Vancouver weather, out come the thick coats and scarves. Here are students at KPU who have some unique style.

Students were asked:

A: What’s your favorite piece of clothing that you’re wearing today?
B: What do you like most about fall fashion?

Madison Dutkiewicz, Criminology

Mike Zhao / The Runner

A: I like my shoes the best, because I love Converse.
B: I love scarves, they feel really nice.

Brenna Denexter, Human resources

Mike Zhao / The Runner

A: My favorite piece today is my skirt, because my friend, my boyfriend bought it for me.
B: I do love layering and pieces for the fall, it’s really nice.

Maria Santelices, Biology

Mike Zhao / The Runner

A: My shirt because it’s so flowy, makes me feel so comfortable. It’s not so constricting, especially sitting in class for like 2 hours… So my shirt! It’s flowy!
B: Scarves! Because I’m all about comfort… and security. It makes me feel so secured… just covered up kinda thing. I love it. Makes me warm too.

Stephanie Davies, Business Admin

Mike Zhao / The Runner

A: I would say my shoes; I got them in Paris. I went there in the summer.
B: Big cozy knit sweaters and big scarves… Yeah, they work with everything.

Evan Rozon, General Studies

Mike Zhao / The Runner

A: These pants I’m wearing. Got them from H&M. They’re my staple pants. I wear them with everything.
B: I like to wear toques. I also like my big winter jacket. It’s warm and comfy.

Reema Al-Khafaji, Health Sciences

Mike Zhao / The Runner

A: My favorite piece is my headscarf, it’s called hijab. I just like it because it is really colorful. It’s like my identity too.
B: Sweaters definitely. Over-sized sweaters. They’re my favorites. I have lots of them.

Opraj Purewal, Accounting

Mike Zhao / The Runner

A: My shoes. I just like the design.
B: I think the colour blue. Anything that’s blue is good.

Teesha Behl, Psychology

Mike Zhao / The Runner

A: I really like my boots, they’re really comfortable and they look nice too.
B: I think I really like over-sized stuff like… Big scarves, big sweaters. Stuff that’s comfortable.

Emily Johnson, Nursing

Mike Zhao / The Runner

A: Probably my shoes. Very comfy, stylish too.
B: Scarves and toques. I just like the warmth of it. Big jackets and boots and scarves.

Gordon Huang, Business

Mike Zhao / The Runner

A: This is a high sleeve, and my pants are multiple layers, make the legs shape better.
B: Sweaters. They’re comfortable, good for the weather. Simple design.