Lack of student council nominees for upcoming KSA general election will invoke by-elections

Several constituency positions have no candidates

KSA election

Eight seats on KSA council will still be vacant after the upcoming KSA general election on Feb. 18 and 19, and that will prompt the student association to hold by-elections to fill the spots at a later date.

For the time being, council will be without representatives for aboriginal students, mature students, students of colour, design school students, health studies students, trades students, or those in the academic and career advancement faculty.

Richmond campus representative is the most contested position, with four people vying for office. In contrast, Surrey campus only has two nominees.

Also, Cloverdale campus is without nominees for campus representative. Langley campus was in the same spot last election, but now has two nominees vying for the spot.

Representatives for the international, queer and disabilities constituencies will be the only contested constituencies, and the women’s representative position is uncontested by virtue of having just one nominee.

The only faculty representatives being elected will be in the faculties of arts, science and horticulture and business. There is no contest between any of them because the number of nominees is below or at the number of seats available.

The 2016 KSA General election will be held Feb. 18 and 19 on all campuses from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.