KSA Proposes new fitness centres

Langley & Cloverdale Campuses may get new equipment

Victor / Flickr

The Kwantlen Student Association has proposed that $150,000 be allotted for fitness centers to be built on the Langley and Cloverdale campuses, the full amount split roughly between the two.

The goal is to extend the amenities already available to students on other campuses to those at Langley and Cloverdale. Unlike Richmond and Surrey, these campuses do not provide easy access to a Steve Nash fitness centre, for which Kwantlen Polytechnic University students currently receive a discount through the student association.

Tanvir Singh, the KSA’s vice president of services, says that, “We want to provide them with the opportunity to go [work out] on campus, and Cloverdale and Langley are the perfect opportunities for us to do that.”

Singh also hopes that students will get a lot of use out of the new centers once construction has been completed.

The KSA council will discuss details of the operation at their next meeting.