Ghostwriting Ads Found on KPU Campus

Advertisements for ghostwriting services appeared on the Richmond Campus in early September. Ghostwriting asignments is against KPU’s Student Academic Integrity Policy. (Submitted)

Advertisements for a ghostwriting service by an entity called Vanstar Essay have been spotted on at least one Kwantlen Polytechnic University campus. The ads are written in Mandarin and though they appear to have a stamp of approval from the Kwantlen Student Association, the stamp is a forgery.

The service being advertised is a $60.00 “unique essay” on any topic the student chooses. The ad claims that, soon after paying the fee, the student will receive a paper with a “professional software plagiarism detection report” attached to ensure that the “one stop service” they are receiving is safe.

Using a ghostwriting service like Vanstar Essay goes against KPU policy and can result in severe punishment including suspension, according to Jane Fee, KPU Vice Provost of Students.

“KPU’s Student Academic Integrity Policy requires students to comply with university regulations related to academic integrity,” she says. “KPU would consider a ghostwritten essay an example of cheating, which is a violation of the policy and a serious educational offence that is subject to discipline ranging from a grade of zero being awarded for the paper to suspension from the university.”


KPU student Jujhar Parmar believes that using a ghostwriting service at KPU is “not fair,” adding that “the majority of [students] are working hard on [their] papers, and for people to be able to walk around campus and see an advertisement that sells essays is not right.”

The Kwantlen Student Association has been removing the posters, which they say have only been posted on the Richmond campus. After speaking with staff and students, the KSA wants to let students know that there are many available resources that can assist them in writing essays. Each campus has its own learning support centre that is free to use and filled with tutors who speak multiple languages and can help them with their schoolwork.