Don’t Miss Out on These KSA Services

Since you already pay for these services through your student fees, you might as well make use of them

The KSA offers many services, such as the REBOOT program, which students may not be aware of. (Kristen Frier)

Recently, many students at KPU were informed about the U-Pass service provided by the Kwantlen Student Association through last month’s U-Pass referendum. This referendum saw students agree to an increase in the U-Pass’s monthly fee to $42.50, proving that services like this are valuable to those attending classes here.

However, the U-Pass is far from the only service provided by the student association to KPU students. The KSA offers many services ranging from technological assistance to free online mental health assessments and resources.

For any KPU student with a laptop, REBOOT is the service to go to when you have computer trouble. REBOOT is run by experts who can answer almost any computer-related questions you have. If your computer or laptop needs repairs, they give free estimates on hardware repairs and will help you get good deals on replacement parts.

You can drop-in at REBOOT’s Surrey office, located at Cedar 1225, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Thursday or the Richmond office, located at Room 1280 and open from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Wednesday to Friday.

If you are a student who enjoys exercise, ActiveKSA is here for you. ActiveKSA strives to bring “health and recreational programming to KPU” by providing weekly fitness classes specializing in cardio, strength, mind and body, and dance. All classes are drop-in and available at every campus.

For those who like to spend time in nature, there are various ActiveKSA hikes scheduled such as the Westham Island Nature Hike on March 27 and the Lighthouse Park Hike on April 6. They also offer other off-campus activities such as bowling and mini golf.

One service I believe every KPU student should access is myWellness. This online service is free to all students and has resources to help support your mental health, including information on mental health problems, care providers and therapies, and self-care essentials. On the front page of the website is a link to an anonymous mental health assessment which will provide you with the appropriate tools for managing your mental health.

All of us have felt stressed and overwhelmed while studying, and luckily myWellness has a resource for stress reduction. This resource can teach you skills that will help manage and cope with stress throughout your time at university.

Every KPU student is eligible for the KSA Health & Dental plan. For those who don’t know what this service is, the KSA Health & Dental plan is funded by one of the many fees added to our tuition. Students can choose to opt out within 30 days of their semester start date, but those who don’t can use the plan to cover things like doctor’s appointments and eyecare.

One final service that many students don’t know about is the KSA food bank. At times when you are unable to buy food, the food bank can help you. Each month, eligible students can receive two food hampers meant to provide emergency relief. To sign up for a food hamper, you can fill out an application form on Kwantlen Student Association’s website.