Living life with audible background music

Let’s not think about how awkward public bathrooms would be

(Kristen Frier)

(Kristen Frier)

Picture yourself waking up bright and early on a Monday morning. You roll out of bed to have a nice shower and brush your teeth before whipping up a hardy breakfast to get through the day. But, right when you roll out of bed and slide your feet into some slippers, “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and The Waves begins to play in the background. 

You might not question it at first, even as “Ham N’ Eggs” by A Tribe Called Quest plays while you eat your breakfast, but when ACDC’s “Highway to Hell” starts blaring during your commute to work, you begin to wonder if this music selection isn’t just coincidental. 

Not only background music but music that accompanied the moods and thoughts in your mind as you went about your day-to-day life. 

Sometimes I wonder what the theme song for my life would be like if I lived in a movie. A movie without background music is quite awkward and boring. So, adding music to life would make it that much more enjoyable. 

Imagine waking up each day eager to hear what songs would play as you went through the day. Would “Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes accidentally start playing while you gaze at your crush with their partner, or will Dua Lipa’s “IDGAF” come on while you’re pretending to listen to a conversation. 

In these situations, I would like to find myself watching from the sidelines and not actually experiencing them myself. Life with background music is bound to be awkward. Will you only hear your own songs, or would you be able to walk by a peer and hear “Dancing Queen” by ABBA lingering around them? 

Would others be able to listen to your songs too? If this is the case, life will get a whole lot more interesting. 

The songs would be a glimpse into the lives of those around us. Though many would think of it as an invasion of privacy (which it is), think about how much better everyone could get to know each other. Feelings would always be out in the open without the confusion and lack of communication. 

At first, this may distract you. The fast change of songs correlates to different activities and moods, but think of it this way: when you walk into a restaurant and the music is super loud, most people will get used to it. The songs will eventually turn into a bit of background buzz as you go about eating and having fun.

Life with background music can be the same way. You can tune in when you want to and use the songs to motivate you and boost your mood (or ride the wave of your emotions first). 

Now I don’t know about you, but nothing seems better than the idea of “Midnight Sky” by Miley Cyrus playing and making me feel like the badass main character in the story of my life.