I tried the new Timbiebs so you don’t have to

It’s a mediocre and disappointing experience

It’s a mediocre and disappointing experience (Tim Hortons)

If you know anything about Tim Hortons, it’s that their donuts are great, and their Timbits are a fun little snack and treat for many. 

If you’ve been keeping up with the trend, celebrities have been partnering with restaurant chains and releasing meals or other food items. This started with the BTS meal at McDonald’s, which was a regular McNuggets meal with two new sauces, and then the Saweetie meal, which was basically a Big Mac meal with some added sides and condiments.

Justin Bieber, Ontario-born worldwide pop star, jumped on the bandwagon a few weeks ago by partnering with Canada’s beloved Tim Hortons. The production of the new limited edition TimBiebs marked the announcement of this interesting collaboration. 

I was excited when I heard of three new flavours of TimBits. Not only do I love the originals and how creative Timmies gets with each new one, but this latest trio seemed like it was going to be a hit. I was highly intrigued by the chocolate white fudge, sour cream chocolate chip, and birthday cake waffle. And it didn’t help that the online buzz hyped them up too.  

So after going to multiple Tim Horton’s in my area just for a box of 10 Timbiebs for $3.19, a rip-off when a box of 10 regular Timbits is $1.99, I made the dramatic show of trying each one out like a professional taste-tester, only to be extremely disappointed. 

The sour cream chocolate chip was a typical honey-glazed Timbit, and I tasted no sour cream, which is sad because their sour cream glazed ones are good. It also only had three chocolate chips in it. And the chocolate white fudge was a basic glazed chocolate Timbit with an extra crunchy glaze outside.

The birthday cake waffle stood out and is a favourite among those on the internet. It is much sweeter than a regular birthday cake Timbit. Some reviewers even go to note that there are notes of maple syrup and cinnamon, but if we are being honest, I didn’t get any of that. 

Call these TimBiebs what you want, but this was more of a promotion for Tim Hortons than it was a success in the flavour realm. 

Also, we cannot forget about the merch that came out with this, including a TimBiebs fanny pack. I get that fanny packs are in and all, but the merch designs are not necessarily what we would call “fashionable.” Or that could just be me being salty about the mediocre TimBiebs.

It was a fun excuse to eat some TimBiebs, but save your money for the classic, consistently served bits. You can never go wrong with a good old Timbit, cause I think Justin missed the mark on this one.