Additional shuttle bus added for the fall semester schedule

With more in-person classes and inflation in gas prices, the KSA expects shuttle buses will be in demand

The KPU shuttle bus is operating with an extended schedule and an additional bus. (Keet Kailey)

The KPU shuttle bus is operating with an extended schedule and an additional bus. (Keet Kailey)

Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s intercampus bus schedule has been released for the fall semester with extended hours and an additional bus. 

The bus service is for all KPU students and employees with a valid library ID card. The shuttle buses are a joint initiative between KPU and the Kwantlen Student Association with a private contract for the service. Shuttle stations are available at the Surrey, Richmond, Cloverdale, and Langley campuses — the bus does not wait at the Cloverdale station, however. 

These changes were discussed at the KSA’s executive meeting on Aug. 17 after issues regarding the shuttle bus were brought to the executive members’ attention. 

Some of the issues discussed were ensuring students get to campus on time for their classes, offering additional bus times, adding a bus that goes to the Richmond campus, and making time for bus drivers to have breaks between scheduled routes. 

“The major issue is that more students are taking in-person classes versus during COVID-19, when the majority of students were taking online classes,” says Michelle Lam, KSA’s multipass coordinator. 

“Since more students are coming back on campus, that means shuttle buses are more in demand. So in the fall semester, we are adding one more shuttle bus,” she says. 

This means there will be three shuttle buses running on the schedule, which started Sept. 6. Additionally, the KSA wants to make the shuttle buses more accessible and inviting for students to use. 

“Since gas prices are going up, I think more students will be taking the shuttle. If we see more demand in September, like if students are lining up, we are ready to add one more additional bus,” she says. 

The KSA is also adding an intercampus shuttle bus running between the Richmond and Surrey campuses at night to accommodate students who are taking night classes. 

On Monday to Thursday, the bus will depart from the Surrey campus at 10:10 pm, arriving at the Richmond campus at 10:40 pm, and arriving back in Surrey at 11:10 pm. Currently, there is no shuttle bus running between the Richmond and Surrey campuses regularly during the day. 

In order for students to get to the Richmond or Surrey campus during the day, they have to take the public TransLink 301 bus. 

“We can only offer shuttle service after the last 301 bus leaves, to avoid the service conflict with TransLink,” Lam says. “This limits what we can do with the shuttle, that’s why we are adding a night bus.” 

The shuttle buses also include free Wi-Fi and are wheelchair accessible. 

“We would also like students to use the GPS tracker, to see if they missed the bus and to see the shuttle routes in real time,” Lam says. 

She says the KSA is also open to feedback from students, regarding schedule changes or delays in arrivals of the shuttles. 

“We take feedback seriously and encourage students to check our website regularly, in case there is a change.” 

The shuttle buses will be available until Dec. 23, with a reduced schedule between Dec. 19 to Dec. 23. 

The shuttle bus schedule can be found on the KSA website