Meet the Accounting Students of Kwantlen Club

The club is hoping to host their Careers and Accounting event regularly in May

Members of the ASK team from left to right: Shubreet Kaur, Harika Kharbanda, Prabh Singh, Dhruv Kainth, Harleen Gambhir, Simrat Gill, and Micah Sherart. (Submitted)

Members of the ASK team from left to right: Shubreet Kaur, Harika Kharbanda, Prabh Singh, Dhruv Kainth, Harleen Gambhir, Simrat Gill, and Micah Sherart. (Submitted)

The Accounting Students of Kwantlen Club (ASK) prides itself on being different from typical school clubs and aims to help accounting students get more experience in the field before graduation.

Micha Sherart, club president, wants to give accounting majors a place to connect outside of class. 

“Accounting students are generally pretty quiet, but there are some people who crave that openness at school and we’re just trying to create a community of like-minded individuals,” Sherart says. 

“We want to take accounting to the next level … so we are doing workshops and connecting people with industry professions, just to kind of create a more broader community.” 

The club was founded in 2007 by Joana Li and Sean McInnes, and currently has over 1,200 members. Sherart joined the club two years ago and has been the president since January. 

“We aim to help [accounting students] … hone their skills. So, some of the things that we do is host tax clinics, so people can learn more and expand on their tax sales,” Sherart says. 

The club is meant to go beyond what accounting students are learning in their classes while providing an opportunity to connect with other members and classmates. 

“When you are going into your future career, you are going to not only have to know who your employers are, but also have to know who your colleagues are. It all just plays into each other and I think that is why it makes us so great,” he says. 

Sherart says they are working out details for an event in May. The event is normally held in November every year, but Sherart is hoping to create another one for spring. 

“We are trying to engage our community with more events. Normally every year we have this event called Careers and Accounting, where we collaborate with the Career Centre [and] connect with industry professionals so students can network with multiple professions and learn about what careers are like in the accounting field,” he says. 

Careers and Accounting is also one of Sherart’s favourite memories since joining the club. 

“Every person leaves with a smile and there has always been something memorable about that. There’s always some great person they have met and really connected with and that just makes me really happy. That is why we are looking to have it held twice a year because it is something students look forward to,” he says. 

Currently the club is not involved with the Kwantlen Student Association, but Sherart says their merging is in the works. 

Although the club is intended for accounting and business majors, the club is looking to hire ambassadors who can be current Kwantlen Polytechnic University students from any program. 

“We are just looking for students who are outgoing and want to help promote the club on campus and be involved in networking sessions and workshops,” Sherart says. 

KPU students interested in joining ASK can fill out their ambassador form at