Ever felt that taking a trip is a waste of money and time? Think again

From White Rock to Stanley Park, here are some of my favourite places to decompress this Winter

White Rock is the perfect place to visit when looking to escape the hustles of life. (Claudia Culley)

White Rock is the perfect place to visit when looking to escape the hustles of life. (Claudia Culley)

After four months of nonstop tests, homework, and case studies, a quick vacation to your favourite spot will prepare you to face anything that comes your way when you return. Taking time off from the burdens of both work and school may improve our relationships, physical and mental health, and job performance. 

When your work-life balance is lacking and studies become too much to handle, that’s when you should ask yourself, “Is it time to take a break?” However, it is difficult to take a vacation or time off to travel to Paris, Switzerland, London, or any other idyllic destination while you are a student working part-time. 

The question then becomes, “What’s an affordable place I can take a quick trip to while also keeping my budget in check?” Thinking about vacations with this mindset will help you avoid financial stress and enjoy a break from the daily grind. 

Vancouver’s stunning Stanley Park serves as a counterbalance to the city’s smoke and crime filled air. It’s a ritual for my sister and I to go to Stanley Park in the middle or towards the end of the semester rather than for a day off. Readily available transport drops us off directly outside the park, where bike shops are only a peddle away. 

For someone who loves sunsets as much as I do, the long bike rides, which usually don’t cost more than $30, and the sensation of fresh air on our skin as we pedal our way to the park are well worth the expense for a breathtaking sunset. 

Doesn’t the thought of enjoying a soya chaap next to the beach in a climate that makes people pause and look at their surroundings seem tempting? To me, it sounds like a fairy tale, no doubt.

For those visiting White Rock, which is well-known for its sunsets and has fantastic, reasonably-priced restaurants, is a must-see destination. If you ever want to escape the hustles of life, consider going to the beach, where the sound of the waves against the shore, smell of fresh air, and occasional rain pour brings great calm. Remember to make time to visit your favourite restaurant when you need a break from your busy, demanding life.

For those who enjoy doing activities in the summer, spending a day at the PNE is a must as a roller coaster enthusiast like myself. With so many rides and food trucks, there is plenty of fun to be had, and the tickets are affordable. 

The PNE also holds events for everyone to enjoy throughout the year such as concerts, rollerskating nights, and conventions. 

Do whatever is on your bucket list this winter break. I will be cheering you on.