My most anticipated albums for 2024

Kanye West, Dua Lipa, and A$AP Rocky headline star studded 2024 album lineup

Fans are excitedly awaiting their favourite artists to drop new albums throughout 2024. (Unsplash/Eric Nopanen)

Fans are excitedly awaiting their favourite artists to drop new albums throughout 2024. (Unsplash/Eric Nopanen)

Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign – Vultures 

Perhaps the most controversial music artist of all-time, Kanye West, is set to drop his highly anticipated album with long-time collaborator Ty Dolla $ign.

Despite West’s recent controversial headlines, he’s still one of the biggest visionaries music will ever see.

However, the same can’t be said about the music he’s putting out today. Most notably with 2021’s Donda, West’s music has become bland and lazy, removed from the creative genius we’ve seen before.

This is exactly why I’m excited for this project, which will be released Feb. 9, and for West’s chance at redemption. Alongside Ty Dolla $ign’s harmonic voice, the two have linked up for outstanding songs in the past, like “Freeee” and “Real Friends.”

I hope West, with the guidance of Ty, can shut himself into a room and focus on what makes him Kanye: beautiful music. There’s no telling how good or bad this album could be, but based on the lead single “Vultures,” which contained classic and crazy West, there’s no telling what this album will entail, whenever it drops.

I’m not worried about Ty Dolla $ign’s output nor am I concerned that West has lost his “touch,” but I hope the pair will stick to their word and release the album of the year.


A$AP Rocky – Don’t Be Dumb (No release date)

It’s been 2,079 days since A$AP Rocky dropped a full-length project, and while the leader of A$AP Mob might be busy with fatherhood, it’s about time he brings something new to the rap scene.

A genre associated with Rocky’s music is psychedelic rap, and while I can’t define exactly what that means, Rocky is really good at it. 

With each new album drop, Rocky has brought a new sound and style to his persona, which is exactly why we need more music. Rocky’s music is just a vibe — the type to close your eyes and bop your head and get lost in the rhythms. His music is one I wish paid attention to sooner because of how intricate it is.

With this new project, I’m expecting a new wave for Rocky to ride. Whether he’s singing or dropping hard hitting bars, we need it as soon as possible.


Dua Lipa (No title or release date)

Pop music is dead. There’s no other way around it. We’re long gone from the days when Katy Perry and The Black Eyed Peas’ pop hits plastered the Hot 100 charts.

If you grew up in the 2000s and 2010s, that may sound sad, but Dua Lipa’s sound, image, and versatility can change that. 

Ever since Lipa stormed onto the mainstream music scene with 2020’s Future Nostalgia, it’s been nothing but hits for her. Lipa’s ability to fuse pop, disco-pop, and countless other genres into her music makes her an anomaly. She doesn’t bore you with heartbreak stories or rant about her fame. She just makes good music.

Lipa has confirmed the already released “Houdini” as the lead single for the album. And if the rest sounds remotely similar, we’re in for a long overdue pop classic.


JID – Forever and a Day (No release date)

At the age of 31, JID burst onto the rap scene with his breakout studio album The Forever Story. Encompassed with harmonic samples and ridiculous lyricism, JID’s work catapulted himself into a household name. It’s been over a year a half since The Forever Story, and fans are desperate for new music. 

If you’ve never listened to JID’s music, it’s hard to describe without actually listening to it. What I love about JID’s music is his relatability. He raps about familiar topics like poverty and inner struggles over complicated beats, making him connect with absolutely anyone. He sounds like your cousin who’s going to give music a try rather than a Grammy-nominated artist, something that’s lacking in hip-hop today.