Ever After has us chanting 'never again'

Marianas Trench’s Ever After only earns 2.5 out of 5 records.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Student Association special general meeting results

The final vote tallies on motions from the Nov. 30 special general meeting.... Continue Reading

Bill C-10: crime is money

Criminologist Mike Larsen thinks that tough-on-crime legislation will be tough on Canadians’ wallets too.... Continue Reading

An open letter to KSA Council: let us do our jobs

The Runner takes issue with a recent KSA Council resolution.... Continue Reading

Haxor an instamatic camera for 35 mm film

How to use standard 35mm film in an old instamatic camera.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen's got talent: Anthropology of Love

Anthropology of Love wants to add a bus-load of gypsies to its lineup.... Continue Reading
Raz Cuculea/The Runner

Redscale film: a photographer's DIY

Raz Cuculea cannibalizes a roll of film for art’s sake... Continue Reading

Harper majority: empowerment of the already powerful

A Harper-Conservative majority? Palm. Forehead.... Continue Reading

Back to the roots: film photography

Raz Cuculea looks through the viewfinders of old film cameras, celebrating the nostalgia of these classics.... Continue Reading

Osama’s dead. Let’s get drunk.

News of Osama bin-Laden’s death should inspire reflection on the War on Terror, not chants of “USA! USA!”... Continue Reading

Harper's script: formulaic, flawless, frightening

This past Easter Sunday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited Burnaby in one more stop on the campaign trail. It sounds wonderful that the Prime Minister visited our town, listened to the people and will take this back to Ottawa with him. Wrong. Harper’s campaign is so scripted this event could have taken place at any... Continue Reading

Friends 4 Food fraught with obstacles

On Sept. 15, Eva Botten and Stefanie Leonard received $615 in fines from the Fraser Health authority for operating without license. The not-for-profit vegan vendor was created to give students another option than Sodexo, Grassroots and Tim Hortons.... Continue Reading

Enjoy the last of the Olympics, with less of the wait

Check out what’s happening this weekend at the Surrey Celebration Site!... Continue Reading

CFS-BC loses court case against KSA

The Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) declared victory after winning a BC Supreme Court case against the BC section of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS-BC) earlier this week.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen to start Ultimate Frisbee team?

Kwantlen just may be the next ultimate frisbee team in Vancouver.... Continue Reading