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Privacy or security?

Privacy rights in the modern age.... Continue Reading
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Night owls find new roost

KPU library stays open 24-7 in trial run of extended hours.... Continue Reading

The cheque's in the mail

But is anyone paying attention to the KSA?... Continue Reading

KSA executives get $8,000 raises

Student association approves 47 per cent pay hike for executive board.... Continue Reading
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KSA joins Alliance of B.C. Students

Gains unusual dual membership in provincial student lobbying groups.... Continue Reading

KSA proposes $10,000 raise for execs

Executive chair: ‘They need to be paid a living wage.’... Continue Reading

University records don’t track sexual assaults

Campus security chief says old reporting system wasn’t universal.... Continue Reading

Everything seems impossible until it’s done

Remembering Mandela as a man more than his quotes.... Continue Reading

Letter: Corporate partners not worth the price

Crim student Miles Maclean takes issue with KPU partnerships with multinational corporations.... Continue Reading

Levant doesn’t deserve NASH keynote

National student press conference no place for hateful remarks.... Continue Reading

KSA executive chair loses seat in by-election

Preliminary election results declare Ghuman as winner.... Continue Reading

Women's rep candidates no shows at KSA debate

Arzo Ansary only nominee present.... Continue Reading

Second former assistant launches lawsuit against university

Legg claims she was afraid to be alone with former president.... Continue Reading

More allegations in lawsuit claim that university ‘blamed the victims’

Four employees allegedly fired after accusing McKendry.... Continue Reading

Changing identity: Jerusalem to Surrey

A personal exploration of what it means to be Canadian.... Continue Reading