2019 General Election and Referendum Preliminary Results Released

(Kristen Frier)

The preliminary results of the 2019 Kwantlen Student Association General Election have been released. Twenty-two candidates were elected to fill positions on KSA Council, including four candidates who were re-elected.

There were 12 faculty representatives elected to positions in Arts, Business, Science and Horticulture, Academic and Career Advancement, and Health.

For the Arts Representative position, Harkeerat Gill was elected with 124 votes, Harjapleen Kaur with 142 votes, and David Piraquive was re-elected with 151 votes. Amandeep Singh and Koushal Charan were not elected, receiving 109 and 95 votes each, respectively.

For the five available positions for Business Representative, Simranjit K. Dhaliwal was elected with 302 votes, Arshdeep Dharni with 292, Mayur Gupta with 236, and Amrinder Singh Sidhu with 309 votes. The candidates who were not elected are Vanshi Kapoor, who received 171 votes, Prabhdeep Lidhar with 134, Bakhsdip Mann with 101, Karan Saggu with 166, and Dhruv Shahi who received 208 votes but was disqualified after election day.

For Science and Horticulture Representative, Ravjot Dadial was elected with 201 “yes” votes and 30 “no” votes, and Victoria Kalitowski was re-elected with 98 “yes” votes and 75 “no” votes.

Henry To was elected to fill the Academic and Career Advancement Representative position, receiving 17 “yes” votes and one “no” vote.

Matthew Yorston was elected to fill the Health Representative position, receiving 42 “yes” votes and three “no” votes.

Every Campus Representative position was filled with a new candidate. Arashdeep Singh was elected to the Surrey Representative position with 721 votes, surpassing Manthan Kaushal who received 348 votes before being disqualified. Richmond Campus Representative Damanpreet Garcha was unseated by Gurjant Dhillon, who received 532 votes to Garcha’s 315, while Paramjit Singh was elected to the Langley Representative position receiving 563 votes, surpassing Lincoln Saugstad who received 316. Finally, Jeremy Law was elected as the new Cloverdale/Tech campus Representative, receiving 694 “yes” votes and 100 “no” votes.

Sarah Strachan was re-elected to the Aboriginal Students Representative position, receiving 716 “yes” votes and 135 “no” votes.

Bhavkaran Aujla was elected to the Students of Colour Representative position with 571 votes, surpassing Mohammed Mukim who received 254.

Gurdial Dhindsa was elected to the International Students Representative position with 720 votes, unseating the current representative Shivam Kataria, who received 389 votes but was disqualified.

Jaya Dhillon was elected to the Students with Disabilities Representative position with 801 “yes” votes and 78 “no” votes.

Jaspal Rai was elected to the Mature Students Representative position with 720 “yes” votes and 146 “no” votes.

Amei-lee Laboucan was elected as Women’s Representative with 741 “yes” votes and 120 “no” votes.

The Runner has requested more information about the disqualification of certain candidates from KSA chief returning officer Ron Laufer.

In addition to the election results, every item on the referendum passed. The U-Pass program will continue and the fee will be raised after being approved with 1,094 “yes” votes to 274 “no” votes. The Battle Impark Fund fee will be removed, after the question passed with 1,028 “yes” votes and 208 “no” votes. The Fair is Fair Fund fee will be removed after the question passed with 938 “yes” votes to 274 “no” votes. Finally, all remaining funding for the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group will be distributed into scholarships and bursaries after the question passed with 965 “yes” votes to 192 “no” votes.


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