KPU to Move Summer Semester Course Delivery Online

On March 24, KPU President Alan Davis issued a statement online announcing that the university plans to move classes online for the upcoming summer semester, in accordance with recommendations made by the B.C. Provincial Health Officer to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. “We will soon be releasing the list of courses that can... Continue Reading

KPU Announces Two-day Pause to Classes to Transition to Online Instruction

Classes will be paused on March 17 and 18 as KPU deans and faculty work “to develop a plan to transition from face-to-face instruction for the remainder of the semester” in response to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. “Exceptions to this pause include all classes at KPU’s Faculty of Trades and Technology, as well... Continue Reading

Love, Loss, and 13 Stolen Paintings

After enrolling in a painting course at KPU during the 2019 fall semester, Julian Dix finished his semester with 13 completed works of art. Seven of these paintings were part of a series he titled Love, Loss, and Hope, exploring his state of mind following the loss of his wife to cancer. He estimates that... Continue Reading

News Brief: KPU Cancels Spring Convocation Amid COVID-19 Concerns

KPU has cancelled the upcoming Spring Convocation for graduates in response to growing concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus. On Mar. 10 KPU sent out an online survey to students to determine if students would be attending, and cancelled the event two days later. The convocation cancellation was announced shortly after the B.C. Ministry of Health... Continue Reading

KPU Geography Department Hosts Transit Experts Forum

According to 2016 census data, 15 per cent of Surrey’s population, or roughly 77,600 people, use transit to commute to work. As the city grows and its population increases, changes need to be made to transit systems in order to sustain that growth and serve the needs of those who live and work in the... Continue Reading
Minister Carole James delivers the 2020 Budget to stakeholders and journalists. Learn more at

The 2020 B.C. Budget Breakdown

The announcement and release of the annual provincial budget marks an important time for determining how the government is keeping up with its commitments. It’s also a great time for gauging which kinds of changes they want to commit to in the future and how they plan to implement them. Though it’s not necessarily a... Continue Reading

The BCLC Reports and Freedom of Information law

Last week, after a nine year struggle, the CBC was finally granted the right to gain access to documents related to the largest penalty fine ever issued to a provincial gaming corporation. In 2010, FINTRAC, the federal agency which investigates and prevents money laundering, issued a $695,750 “Administrative Monetary Penalty” to the B.C. Lottery Corporation... Continue Reading

KPU Nutrigenomics Study Explains How Diet and Genes Interact

Have you ever wondered how your genetic make-up interacts with your diet and influences your health? If the answer is “yes,” and you’re between the ages of 19-26, you might want to check out a study being conducted by KPU Health Science researchers, which focuses on the effects of providing personalized nutritional education to emerging... Continue Reading

Inside Surrey for Future’s New School District Climate Campaign

“A society becomes great when people plant the seeds of trees whose shade they will never live to enjoy.” This proverb was shared at the Jan. 20 meeting of Surrey for Future, a climate advocacy organization based in Surrey which was co-founded by Kwantlen Student Association Sustainability Coordinator Erin Pedersen and KPU Librarian Allison Richardson.... Continue Reading

Spring Saving Tips From KPU Students

Utilize Disability Advisors and Academic Accommodations Marcus Jones, Contributor It’s a new semester, and for first-year students, an entirely new environment. All of a sudden, you’re a little fish in a big pond. There’s a daunting list of responsibilities to take on. You’re taking a big step to becoming an adult, and making that leap... Continue Reading

KPU Announces Investigation into Allegations of Instructor Plagiarism

The original version of this article was published online on Dec. 5, 2019. This is the updated full version which was published in print Dec. 10, 2019. The Kwantlen Student Association has called for the suspension of sales of two sociology textbooks carried by the KPU bookstore, and for the issuing of refunds to students... Continue Reading

KSA Calls on KPU to Suspend the Sale of Textbooks Amid Plagiarism Allegations

The Kwantlen Student Association is calling for the suspension of sales of two sociology textbooks carried by the KPU bookstore, and for the issuing of refunds to students who purchased them. This request follows allegations that the author, KPU faculty member Dr. Charles Quist-Adade, used plagiarized content throughout multiple sections of the books. The books,... Continue Reading

Improving Access to Assisted Dying Can End Suffering and Strengthen Human Rights

While having access to physician assistance in dying is not new in Canada, the rules which govern the process still leave a lot of room for improvement. In 2015, the Supreme Court decided to remove the federal prohibition of the end-of-life practice because it violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A year later, the... Continue Reading

An Update on the Surrey Langley SkyTrain Extension

Every month, millions of people use the SkyTrain to move across the Metro Vancouver region. People value being able to travel through multiple cities in order to reach their school or workplace, to visit family and friends, or to spend time exploring the many parks, venues, libraries, museums, and other attractions that the Lower Mainland... Continue Reading

KSA Publicly Supports Transit Worker Job Action

Weeks of negotiations between Metro Vancouver transit workers, trades people, and their employers have not yet resulted in an agreed-upon deal between the parties. On Nov. 1, Unifor Locals 111 and 2200, which represent transit operators and skilled trades workers respectively, decided to pursue job action after receiving contract adjustment offers by Coast Mountain Bus... Continue Reading