Families of those who have special needs struggle to access support services in B.C.

Emma Miles worries about her brother Ethan, who is non-verbal and needs constant care. She is afraid her income won’t be enough to get him the care and resources he needs once he ages out of school. Her worst fear is that he will be abused in a care home. Looking after Ethan isn’t easy,... Continue Reading

KPU to host “Redesigning Our World” as part of speaker series

In the wake of complex world crises, like the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, students and faculty at Kwantlen Polytechnic University are coming together to co-create interdisciplinary solutions. Dr. Shoshannah Bryn Jones Square and student collaborators are hosting KPU’s first installment of the Arts Speaker Series of 2021 with “Redesigning Our World” on Jan. 13.... Continue Reading

KPU Student Leads Petition to Cut Tuition and Fees for the Summer Semester

An online petition has been created by a KPU student to advocate for reducing tuition and eliminating fees for resources that are inaccessible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The petition calls for the removal of the U-Pass, which has since happened, as well as club, library, and student life fees. It also questions why students... Continue Reading

Surrey Pilgrims Show Solidarity Through the Snow

A diverse group of pilgrims trekked through the Surrey snow on Feb. 3 as part of the fourth annual interfaith pilgrimage. The event—a partnership between Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Multi-Faith Centre, Surrey’s Bahá’í Community, and the Surrey Interfaith Council—brought people of various religions together to promote cooperation and unity. Participants walked a total of 16 kilometres... Continue Reading

KPU Showcases Futuristic Tech in Richmond Smart Cities Idea Fair

An assortment of wires and sensors are strewn across a table. Next to them is a single lamp. With the simple click of a button on a phone, the light switches on. This micro-demonstration of a smart home system was a Kwantlen Polytechnic University-born project presented at Richmond’s Smart Cities Idea Fair. The event served... Continue Reading