Attorney General David Eby announced amendments to the BC Supreme Court Civil Rules Regulation that will put a stop to the disproportionate use of experts and expert reports currently being used in motor vehicle-related court cases. These amendments are designed to encourage earlier settlements and help reduce the costs of settling vehicle injury claims. rrLearn more:

A Breakdown of ICBC’s Financial Dumpster Fire

Attorney General David Eby blamed ICBC’s present state on the previous Liberal provincial government’s mismanagement. “Years of reckless decisions by the former government have undermined ICBC’s ability to deliver low cost insurance to British Columbians,” Eby said. Two years ago, Eby called ICBC’s situation a “financial dumpster fire” when he addressed reports of $1.3 billion... Continue Reading

Canada Needs to Spend More on Defence

The current sidearm issued by the Canadian Armed Forces is a WWII-era Browning Hi-Power, known for its small sights, its tendency to jam about once every 62 shots, how difficult it is to use while wearing gloves or for left-handed people, and the fact users are told not to fully load it to avoid wearing... Continue Reading

ICBC Rates And Young Drivers: What the Hell?

Young drivers and students are paying a lot more than they used to in car insurance because ICBC — and by extension, our provincial government — considers us to be a higher risk. While Attorney General David Eby argues that the new insurance rates reflect the risk young drivers represent, I find it more likely... Continue Reading

Here’s Why It’s Important to Vote Again and Again

Many of us voted in the federal election in 2015. We got up early or made time in between classes to rush to the voting station and waited in line to fill in the circle beside the party we believed in — the party we felt would be the best government for our future. I... Continue Reading

Show Your Support By Learning About LGBTQ+ Issues and History

Half a century ago, Canada decriminalized homosexuality. In the 70s, Pride Week became a national LGBTQ+ event and Vancouver was one of two Canadian cities to first host an official parade. It was only in 2005 that same-sex couples gained the legal right to marry in Canada, making our country the fourth in the world... Continue Reading

Christmas Glow Returns to Langley For Another Year

Christmas Glow is back in Langley for a second year to bring some lights, laughter, and cheer to the holiday season. The light show—which opened on Nov. 22 at Milner Village Garden Centre—features over 500,000 lights in a variety of themed gardens inside a beautiful greenhouse. Delicious treats are sold in food trucks set up... Continue Reading

Attend a Ceremony this Remembrance Day, 100 Years After the End of WWI

A century ago, on Nov. 11, 1918 at 11:00 am, the war to end all wars came to an end. At home, the idea of fighting for one’s country was glorified, but being on the battlefield was something no one could prepare for. In WWI, soldiers suffered from trench foot (now known as athlete’s foot),... Continue Reading