From the Editor: The Runner’s new year's resolutions

When I think of what 2020 brought for The Runner, I think of many stories with sentences that begin with the phrase “Due to COVID-19,” I think of internet disconnections in the middle of meetings, but I also think about our team producing and posting stories every day like a 24/7 factory. The Runner began... Continue Reading

Embarking on a sustainable 2021

Last year I experienced eco-anxiety. Forest fires, droughts, and plastic pollution began to recklessly smash through the doors of my otherwise gentle thoughts. I could no longer read, watch, or hear about the climate crisis without feeling my jaw tightening. Eco-anxiety or climate anxiety is defined as “mental distress caused by climate change and environmental... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Donating during the holidays now is more important than ever

COVID-19 brought a huge wave of unemployment this year, causing families around the world to experience food and income insecurity, which is why this is the best time to donate what you can to people who need it the most. This holiday season will be different. Some families won’t have the luxury of buying endless... Continue Reading

Editorial: Shedding light on violence against women

Violence against women and girls continues to be a worldwide issue. Let’s educate ourselves and become watchdogs for our family and friends by breaking the chain of gender-based violence. Nov. 25 marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Eight in 10 victims of intimate partner violence are women, and COVID-19 is... Continue Reading

The upside of practicing ‘safe six’

Update: New temporary provincial health officer orders for the Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal regions mandate that there be no social gatherings of any size with anyone outside individuals’ immediate households until Nov. 23. Apart from being with immediate household members during COVID, B.C.’s Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry suggested over a public Livestream that... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Time management skills are a blessing during midterms and online learning

The end of the fall semester is near, however, we can’t celebrate just yet. There are tight homework deadlines, midterms, and finals, so let’s prevent our time management focus from slipping away. Virtual learning hasn’t been easy. Moodle seems to crash at least once a month. Some professors and students still struggle with using Big... Continue Reading

The no pet policy has finally been removed in Vancouver’s rental housing

Earlier this month, Vancouver councillors Pete Fry and Jean Swanson put forward a motion to prohibit rental contract clauses which ban renters from keeping pets. On Oct. 15, the motion was approved. Now tenants with furry friends can sit back and relax as they caress their companion. Prohibiting these “no pet” policies can reduce pet... Continue Reading

KPU Indigenous Services host online bannock workshop

One cup of flour, one tablespoon of baking powder, one teaspoon of salt, one quarter cup of sugar, half a cup of water, and oil for frying are the ingredients required to make bannock, a fry bread. On Oct. 16, KPU Indigenous Community Coordinator Samantha Daniels, hosted a bannock cooking workshop for THRIVE month. The... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Why elections are important

This is surely an odd time to have a provincial election, but the ball is rolling, and we need to fill you in on all the candidates. Before digging into why elections are important, I should let you know that The Runner also had an election, and guess who their new editor in chief is?... Continue Reading

Water scarcity caused by avocado farming is unethical

The word “avocado” comes from Mexico. In 500 BC, the Aztecs named the fruit “ahuácatl,” which means testicle. When the Aztecs were looking at the avocados hanging from the tree, they came to a realisation that the fruit looked similar to that particular male body part. Therefore, they called it a testicle. Ahuácatl has become... Continue Reading

Meet KPU: Andre Gress

Andre Gress is a KPU alumnus who graduated from the creative writing program. Earlier this year, he released his first novel series called Boone and Jacque. The first instalment is subtitled Saddleton’s Secret, and the upcoming installment is called The Brothers’ Odyssey.  Gress has a passion for writing fiction, screenwriting, and poetry. Whenever he starts... Continue Reading

KSA designates new VP Finance and Operations following resignation

On Sept. 21, Sukhpreet Kaur, the Kwantlen Student Association’s former VP of Finance and Operations, sent a letter of resignation to Titus Gregory, Speaker of Council. The position is now held by Ripunjot Brar, Science and Horticulture faculty representative. In the KSA’s General Council Meeting on Sept. 25, Gregory announced Kaur’s resignation by sharing the... Continue Reading

Scholar Strike Canada Calls for Action Against Racial Inequality

On Sept. 9 and 10, hundreds of academics and activists across Canada paused their teaching and administrative duties in order to organize public digital teach-ins on subjects of racial inequality and injustice. The initiative, called Scholar Strike Canada, was a call to action for Canadian academics to protest systemic racism and anti-Black police brutality in... Continue Reading

Meet KPU: Dr. Asma Sayed

Dr. Asma Sayed is a faculty member in the English department, and she was named Canada Research Chair in South Asian Literary and Cultural Studies in August. Sayed is also the President of the Canadian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies. She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Alberta, and... Continue Reading

Meet KPU: Harriet Ronaghan

Harriet Ronaghan was about to start classes at KPU in 2007. Then she was in a car crash that left her in a three-month coma with a traumatic brain injury that required emergency surgery. Against all odds, she was able to overcome her coma and has since visited rehabilitation centres and physiotherapists to share her... Continue Reading