Universities Across B.C. Adjust to the Province’s New Safety Guidelines

KPU’s Academic and Operational Continuity Plan proposes academic and operational continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the directions of B.C.’s public health officer, online learning will continue for the fall and possibly for the spring 2021 semester. The university will continue to comply with WorkSafe BC’s guidelines and provide students with adequate first aid and... Continue Reading

KPU Offers Online Courses To International Students for Summer Semester

As long as they received a student permit by March 18 and self-isolated for 14 days after their arrival in Canada, new international students will be accepted to KPU throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Carole St. Laurent, KPU International’s Interim Associate Vice President, says there are international students taking KPU classes online, both in Canada and... Continue Reading

BC Technology for Learning Society Donates Tech to Low-income Students

In an effort to support students during the COVID-19 pandemic, BC Technology for Learning Society has distributed over 250 refurbished laptops and computers to those in need. The not-for-profit is licensed to operate the ​​Computers for School Plus program in B.C. and has been donating much-needed technology supplies to K-12 students over the past three... Continue Reading

Government and Organizers Give the Homeless Community Space to Self-Isolate

As the pandemic continues, people who are homeless or at risk of experiencing homelessness may struggle to find a safe place to self-isolate. The Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism, an organization focused on advocacy for vulnerable communities around the lower mainland, is trying to help. Its members are mostly people from the homeless community... Continue Reading

The New KSA Executive Team Has Been Elected

The Kwantlen Student Association’s executive election took place on April 17, when new candidates were voted in to replace the previous executive team. These positions were for the President, Vice President of External Affairs, Vice President of Finance and Operations, Vice President of Student Life, and Vice President of University Affairs. The new President is... Continue Reading

The Together Vs Virus Hackathon COVID-19 Challenges

Over 500 hackathon participants came together to help communities struggling during the pandemic on April 17 and 18. Their goal was to work together to come up with useful and creative technology solutions that would help communities adapt and deal with effects of the pandemic. The 48-hour competition produced six winning teams, all with different... Continue Reading
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How Scientists Around the World are Racing to Create a COVID-19 Vaccine

The process of developing a regular vaccine can take 10 to 15 years, but scientists around the world are trying to make one for COVID-19 as soon as possible. One of the companies working towards this in the U.S. is Moderna, which is in phase one of vaccine production. China has two companies developing a... Continue Reading

How to Protect Yourself form COVID-19 Fraud

Scammers are taking advantage of vulnerable individuals during the COVID-19 crisis, targeting senior citizens in particular. “The Canada Anti-Fraud Center has received hundreds of reports from elderly victims who have had their money or personal identification stolen,” reads an article on CTV News.  Coronavirus-related scams have increased in frequency during the last couple of months,... Continue Reading

TransLink Temporarily Suspends the U-Pass program

Some university students have no use for their Compass Cards as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to prevent people from using transit. Starting May. 1, TransLink will temporarily suspend the U-Pass B.C. program. Michelle Lam, KSA’s MultiPass Coordinator, says making the cancellation happen was a lengthy process. MultiPass coordinators participated in various meetings with other post-secondary... Continue Reading

Municipalities Are Forced to Send Employees Home Due to Pandemic

As COVID-19 forces municipalities like Surrey, Langley, and Richmond to lay off some of their workers, B.C.’s Minister of Municipal Affairs is pushing all municipalities to get back on track. Minister Selina Robinson spoke on April 16 about giving municipalities another year to pay their tax debt. The plan will also allow local governments to... Continue Reading

The Hypocrisy of “Cruelty-Free” Makeup Brands Distributing in China

The cosmetics industry continues to test on animals, all while releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere through production and distribution. Even though animal testing facilities are banned in countries like Norway, India, Israel, Guatemala, Turkey and the European Union, it is still allowed in the U.S.A, Japan, China, Australia, France, Canada, the U.K., Germany, and... Continue Reading

Financial Support to Get KPU Students Through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people, including students, out of a job as industries shut down or move online. Over the next few months, people enrolled in classes at KPU could struggle to afford food, rent, and whatever else is needed in order to continue taking online classes. Fortunately, there are resources for students... Continue Reading

Finding Creative Inspiration During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Quarantined KPU artists are letting their creativity flourish during the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with increased spare time and even boredom, KPU artists like Mika Zhu and Julian Dix are working on new projects inspired by this strange time in history. Zhu is a third-year international student enrolled in the fine arts program. For her Issues... Continue Reading

How Banks Move Your Money

Many Canadians keep their money in checking or savings accounts without understanding what happens to it after it’s deposited. As soon as money gets into the hands of the banks, they take a portion and lend it out as loans or mortgages to individuals who need to borrow it. “The [bank] doesn’t even allow the... Continue Reading

The KSA and KPU Donate $200,000 to Aid Students During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads in the lower mainland, KPU and the Kwantlen Student Association are working together to reduce financial hardship for KPU students. The KSA recently passed a motion to donate $200,000, with $100,000 of that going towards KPU student awards and financial assistance. The other $100,000 will go towards organizations working to... Continue Reading