How Hollyburn Country Club showed the link between wealth and healthcare inequality

It has been over a year since the start of COVID-19 and vaccines for the virus are finally being given to more and more people in Canada, signalling that the end of the worst part of the pandemic is near. However, some are a lot more eager to return to some sense of normalcy than... Continue Reading

Closing the PNE fair this year was the safest choice

  Normally around this time, people in British Columbia would be excited to enjoy a lot of activities outside, like going to Pacific National Exhibition and lining up to go on a bunch of thrilling rides and eat plenty of tasty food. However, the current times are still far from normal. As the year shifts... Continue Reading

Water privatization should not be an accepted standard practice

As we get closer to summer, with sunny weather and high temperatures, many people may be planning to visit swimming pools or lakes to stay cool. However, after a recent court ruling in a B.C. on March 5, two of the province’s lakes may be harder to access. Stan Kroenke, a U.S. billionaire and rancher,... Continue Reading

KPUHacks hosts first virtual hackathon

On March 27, Kwantlen Polytechnic University presented KPUHacks, a cybersecurity hackathon that was done digitally to follow protocols in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was the first time KPU hosted its own hackathon. The event went from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, with over a dozen teams and participants competing in different challenges... Continue Reading

Paid parking is only a temporary solution to regional parks' congestion problems

As the pandemic gets closer to the end, and as we get closer to summer and further away from winter, people will soon be roaming about in the warm temperatures and sun once again. Many may flock to the many parks across the Metro Vancouver area. However, with the number of park visitors rising yearly,... Continue Reading

A look at a new record label created for Indigenous musicians

Indigenous musicians who may have been struggling to find a record label to help produce their music may finally have somewhere to go. With the creation of Red Music Rising, a new Indigenous-owned and operated record label based in Toronto, more opportunities are now available for Indigenous musicians to release their work and who want... Continue Reading

Debate: Valentine's Day is silly, unnecessary, and pointless

Read the other half of this debate here. February is famous for having the fewest days of all the months of the year, as well as the only month to change its total number of days, causing every four years to get an extra day during a leap year. Like all other months, however, it... Continue Reading

Euthanizing aggressive wildlife can be necessary for public safety

I imagine that, while doing an activity such as jogging in a place like Stanley Park, the possibility of a wild animal attack may not be something that crosses the minds of most people. Unfortunately, it happened to one jogger recently in Stanley Park, which resulted in injuries that required medical attention. This is not... Continue Reading

Removing free parking in Vancouver is in the best interest for the environment

With the unique scenery and colourful atmosphere, Vancouver has always been an attractive city to travel to or live in. If you can afford it, you will likely experience a unique lifestyle like no other. However, even a place like Vancouver has a few problems. One of them is finding a parking spot. With little... Continue Reading

Churches should follow COVID-19 guidelines for their own safety

COVID-19 has impacted our daily lives for several months now, and cases are rising everywhere, including B.C. Everyone should be following protocols placed by the B.C. government to slow down infection rates and “flatten the curve.” As more vaccines are on the way this spring, following social distancing rules remains paramount. However, some churches in... Continue Reading