KPU Student Competes at Microsoft Office Specialist World Championships

Most post-secondary students have had to use a Microsoft Office program at least once during the course of their education, either for writing papers with Word, doing presentations using PowerPoint, or completing spreadsheets with Excel. Most students probably consider themselves familiar or proficient with using the programs, and some probably even consider themselves to be... Continue Reading

Why CSIS Spying on Environmentalists Is Completely Unsurprising

After years of fighting to escape a gag order, the BC Civil Liberties Association published a huge collection of documents which they say reveal that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service had been illegally spying on environmental advocates and Indigenous groups opposing the now-defunct Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. It’s reasonable to expect that CSIS would be... Continue Reading

KPU Bids Farewell to Provost and VP Academic Sal Ferrera

After six years of working for the KPU community, KPU Provost and Vice President, Academic Dr. Salvador Ferreras has moved on from the institution. In his place, Dr. Sandy Vanderburgh is now filling the position. Ferreras has been the provost since he was first appointed in 2013. Before that, he served at Vancouver Community College... Continue Reading

Ask KPU: How Do You Connect with Nature?

Photos by Kristen Frier For many, taking a step away from the hectic and often overwhelming demands of urban life can help refresh our sense of emotional wellbeing.  Each KPU campus has its own little pockets of nature, like the farm school gardens in Richmond, the greenhouses in Langley, or the forested spaces in Surrey... Continue Reading

KSA Supports CFS Ontario Provincial Court Challenge

In late May, the Canadian Federation of Students launched a court challenge in response to the Ontario government’s proposed Student Choice Initiative, a policy which would categorize particular student fees as “non-essential.” The challenge states that the initiative, which is being backed by Ontario’s Minister of Training Colleges and Universities, “improperly and arbitrarily” designates which... Continue Reading

International Students at KPU Speak Out Against Work Hour Limits

Jobandeep Singh Sandhu, a mechanical engineering student from India, was driving a truck from Montreal to Toronto in December 2017 when he was pulled over and arrested for exceeding a 20-hour work limit placed on international students. A year and a half later, he faced deportation.  A petition was created in an effort to stop... Continue Reading

How to Get More out of Life by Owning Less

When I was younger, I was really into the movie Fight Club.  The film, based off of a book by Chuck Palahniuk, is known for its depiction of violence and toxic masculinity, and for its nihilistic spite towards social conformity. I loved it because of its thematic focus on the main character’s realization that materialism... Continue Reading

A Critical Affair: Canada’s Brand New Political Ad Registry

Over the last five years or so, online platforms have introduced an inescapable, almost surreal level of uncertainty to political discussion. The advertising engines that drive Facebook’s and Google’s business models thrive on user engagement, and the more clicks an article receives or the more commenters a discussion involves, the more money is made through... Continue Reading

KPU Brewing Program Featured at Vancouver Craft Beer Festival

Vancouver Craft Beer Week is a glorious time of year where beer lovers and creators converge at different places around the city to nerd out about their favourite foamy beverage and indulge in a few cold ones with the community.  Each year, the week culminates in the Vancouver Craft Beer Week Tasting Festival held at... Continue Reading

Beyond the Burger

As the western world’s interest in ethical consumerism has grown, so has the popularity of plant-based proteins. A 2017 article published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services found that shoppers have been increasingly factoring ethical concerns into their food purchases, and are becoming more likely to buy organic or locally sourced foods. One... Continue Reading

A Critical Affair: Wage Against the Machine

It is illegal in this country for companies to decide to pay employees less money because of their age, gender, ethnicity, orientation, or other identity-based grounds. This is enshrined in the Canadian Human Rights Act and is also addressed in the Canada Labour Code. Responsible companies take great pains to avoid violating these rules, ostensibly... Continue Reading
As the next step in cracking down on money laundering in British Columbia, government is working with public and private post-secondary institutions to ensure they are not a target for money laundering after being identified as one of several vulnerable sectors. Learn more:

KPU Considers Ending Cash Payments for Tuition Amidst Provincial Concerns of Money Laundering

The Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training issued a letter to all post-secondary and private institutions on May 28 asking them to help deter money laundering in the province. The letter includes a request for institutions that accept cash for tuition payments to review their financial policies and submit copies to the Ministry by... Continue Reading

A Critical Affair: The Greasy Game of Fossil Fuel Politics

Politicians make dishonest statements all the time. It benefits them to bend or deny the truth in order to gain or consolidate power by, say, protecting wealthy and reliable donors—like we’ve seen with SNC Lavalin—or by ignoring scientific evidence and expert opinions on climate change or the price of gas. It’s up to voters to... Continue Reading

Metro Vancouver Seeks Long-Term Transit Investment from Ottawa

Representatives from the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation gathered with federal party members and leaders to discuss securing government funding for transit expansion projects in Ottawa earlier this month. As part of “Transit Day on the Hill”, the Mayors’ Council representatives met with members from all parties—including NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Green Party leader... Continue Reading

Academics Need to Stop Using Overly Complex Writing

One of my biggest pet peeves when reading academic journals, books, or course materials is when the author begins a sentence with the word “indeed.” It makes me picture the author as a top-hat-and-monocle-wearing aristocrat, stroking their chin and holding an oversized pipe to their mouth, swirling an expensive scotch and playing a game of... Continue Reading