KSA Hires New Executive Director

A months-long search for the Kwantlen Student Association’s next executive director concluded with the hiring of Benjamin Newsom in December. Newsom had already been performing the duties of the position since July 11, when the interim period following the resignation of the former executive director, Jeremy McElroy, began. Newsom has years of experience with different... Continue Reading

KPU Opens Fifth Campus in Surrey Centre

After years of planning, preparation, recruitment, and construction, Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s new campus at 3 Civic Plaza is now officially open for business. The campus, which is situated above the building lobby, occupies the first five floors of the 52-storey building and contains classrooms, study spaces, and both assessment and testing services. It also offers... Continue Reading

KSA Prepares Referendum Questions for February Elections

The Kwantlen Student Association is currently preparing for a referendum that will asks students to vote on a number of issues concerning their student fees. The referendum will run on Feb. 12 and 13 across all campuses, with the results announced shortly afterwards. Below are the referendum questions that will be posed to the student... Continue Reading

Indigenous Voices at KPU Respond to Arrests Made in Wet’suwet’en Territory

The B.C. RCMP moved to dismantle a gated checkpoint maintained by the Wet’suwet’en First Nation on Jan. 7, arresting 14 people involved in supporting a barricade which was constructed to keep people off of their traditional land. The RCMP action was supported by a B.C. Supreme Court injunction ordering the dismantling of the blockade. The... Continue Reading

KPU Psychology Instructor Lectures on the Virtues of the Scientific Method

In the latest installment of the KPU Science World Speaker series, psychology instructor Dr. Jay Hosking delivered a lecture emphasizing how the scientific method has been, and continues to be, the best way for people to discover and collect information about the world around them. The presentation, titled “The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living:... Continue Reading

7:00 AM Classes Are a Bad Idea

Some people are morning people. Early risers, fortunate souls who have not just a tolerance, but an affinity for the first hours of the day when the air is brisk, the coffee is warm, and the world is enveloped in tranquility. It can be a challenge not to assume that these people are completely insane,... Continue Reading

Afterthought: Canadian Journalists Face a Dilemma About Accepting Government Subsidies

In mid-November, the federal government proposed a subsidy to Canadian news publications by introducing tax credits and giving non-profit journalistic organizations access to tax incentives similar to ones used by charities. These measures are expected to direct about $595 million to Canadian news organizations over five years in order to help keep the industry afloat... Continue Reading

The Quebec Student Strike Against Unpaid Work Is Long Overdue

I’d like to preface this by make it abundantly clear that “unpaid internships” are not a legal practice in British Columbia. However there are two exceptions. If your internship is part of your formal educational requirements, it is counted under the “student exception” and considered a practicum, and you are not entitled to any pay.... Continue Reading

KSA President Caitlin McCutchen Resigns

At a meeting of council on Nov. 30, Kwantlen Student Association President and VP External Caitlin McCutchen announced that she would be resigning from her position. Following her announcement, council voted to elect David Piraquive—current arts representative and former vice-president student life—to replace McCutchen as VP External. Indigenous Students Representative Sarah Strachan was elected as... Continue Reading

Provincial Diversity Contributes to Canada’s Strength in Education

Year after year, Canada has been recognized as a world leader in education, with students performing better than their contemporaries in the U.S or the U.K in subjects like math, science, and reading. When it comes to schooling, one of the main differences between Canada and these countries is that we don’t have a federal... Continue Reading

Afterthought: Mayor’s Council All Aboard for Skytrain Development

If you haven’t heard, Surrey is dropping its light rail transit project with the intention of replacing it with a new SkyTrain line. The plan is to extend the track from King George Station to Langley Centre along the Fraser Highway, though the amount of time this will take is so far unclear. In 2017,... Continue Reading

Eliminating MSP Premiums Could Lead to B.C. Subsidizing International Students’ Health-Care

In February of this year, the BC NDP announced that it would be eliminating Medical Service Plan premiums entirely, after cutting them by 50 per cent in January. By 2020, British Columbians will no longer have to pay the premium, which the government says could save individuals $900 and families up to $1,800 per year.... Continue Reading

Researchers Work with the Community to Address Causes of Youth Violence in Surrey

Surrey residents have been vocal about their desire to end gang-related and youth violence for years. In late October, two teens were stabbed a few blocks away from Guildford Park Secondary School. This attack followed a high-profile shooting in June that left two teenagers dead and led to a rally at city hall calling the... Continue Reading

KPU Criminology Instructor Comments on Surrey’s Transition to Municipal Police Force

The Surrey City Council, led by newly elected mayor Doug McCallum and the Safe Surrey Coalition, has vowed to fulfil its election promise by ending the city’s contract with the RCMP in favour of a soon-to-be-created municipal police force. The process of doing this, according to RCMP Governance & Accountability policy, should take two years... Continue Reading

KSA Previews Draft Budget for 2019

At a council meeting held on Oct. 26, the Kwantlen Student Association reviewed the preliminary details for their 2019 budget. KSA VP of Finance and Operations Joseph Thorpe presented the draft budget to council, indicating a few of the changes made so far and speaking about what students can expect to see from the association’s... Continue Reading