Afterthought: The West Van B-Line Debate Rages On

Tensions are running high in the once idyllic hillside communities of West Vancouver and North Vancouver. Residents are fighting over the introduction of a consolidated bus route between Phibbs Exchange and Dundarave planned as part of TransLink’s strategy for increasing the transit capacity throughout Metro Vancouver. The debate has become so heated that councillors have... Continue Reading

KPU to Host Week of Events on Teaching Decolonization, Reconciliation, and Indigenization

Faculty members, guest speakers, staff, and students have been working together to prepare a series of events that will be held over four days at KPU campuses in Langley, Surrey, and Richmond. The events are all part of Indigenization and Decolonization at KPU: A Week of Sharing and Learning, an event series which includes presentations,... Continue Reading

KPU Students Take First Prize in Accounting Competition

A team of KPU business students have returned from a national conference where they won the ACHIEVE accounting case competition. The conference was hosted by Ryerson University and took place in Toronto between Jan. 31 and Feb. 2. The KPU team, which is the first from B.C. to win the competition, was led by accounting... Continue Reading

The Robot Uprising Has Begun, and It’s Happening Online

The internet just ain’t what it used to be. What was once a playground of memes, games, and impulse shopping has now become the most effective platform for political manipulation as well as social and economic disruption. This month, CBC reported that Twitter trolls have been targeting Canadians debating over pipelines and immigration policies with... Continue Reading

KPU Students Increasingly Rely on KSA Food Bank Amid Growing Food Insecurity in Canada

A report issued by Food Banks Canada says that usage of Canadian Food Banks across the country “remains unacceptably high.” According to the report, which is titled HungerCount 2018, in one month alone Canadians made approximately 1.1 million visits to food banks, including over 125,000 in B.C. The report states that 35.2 per cent of... Continue Reading

KSA Sponsors Student Refugee Living in Canada

Sarah, a student refugee who travelled here from Jordan, has been given the chance to lead a new life in Canada thanks to a partnership between the Kwantlen Student Association and the World University Service of Canada through its Student Refugee Program. Funding from the KSA allows Sarah to attend KPU, where she plans to... Continue Reading
The BC Budget creates opportunities and makes life better for British Columbians. Learn more:

Provincial Government Eliminates Interest on B.C. Student Loans

The 2019 budget announcement made on Feb. 19 included a list of measures the provincial government is taking to reduce taxes for families earning under $80,000 per year. These include introducing child benefit tax credit and, of particular interest to KPU students, eliminating the interest from B.C. student loans. “Students and young families with loans... Continue Reading

Afterthought: SNC-Lavalin Finally Bursts out of the Ottawa Bubble

The national discourse regarding the SNC-Lavalin affair has escalated sharply following the revealing testimony of Jody Wilson-Raybould on Feb. 27. The controversy is based on a relatively straightforward situation: members of the prime minister’s office pressured former Justice Minister and Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould into approving a deal (called a deferred prosecution agreement) that would... Continue Reading

Afterthought: The Scourge of Cause Marketing

Everybody likes to buy things. Everybody likes to feel moral validation. Why not do both at the same time? Lucky for us consumers, there’s cause marketing, the practice of combining corporate promotion with the advancement of social causes. As it has become more commonplace for people to give their money to companies who commit to... Continue Reading

KSA Student Rights Centre Unsure of Release Date for 2017 Report

The 2017 Student Rights Centre report will likely not be released until after the Kwantlen Student Association’s Annual General Meeting in March, according to representatives from the KSA. The report, like those from previous years, details some of the cases that were brought to the centre by students with complaints about their time at KPU.... Continue Reading

Community Support Offers Hope for Students Living with Eating Disorders

There are a few clinically-recognized types of eating disorders in the American Psychology Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known commonly as the DSM V. Anorexia nervosa manifests in behaviour which prevents maintenance of a healthy weight, including restricting calorie intake due to a fear of weight gain and distorted self-perception. Binge-eating disorder... Continue Reading

2019 General Election and Referendum Preliminary Results Released

The preliminary results of the 2019 Kwantlen Student Association General Election have been released. Twenty-two candidates were elected to fill positions on KSA Council, including four candidates who were re-elected. There were 12 faculty representatives elected to positions in Arts, Business, Science and Horticulture, Academic and Career Advancement, and Health. For the Arts Representative position,... Continue Reading

Vancouver’s Snowfall Chaos Should Be a Wake Up Call About Climate Change

It feels like it happens every year in Vancouver. The first snowfall that piles up more than a few inches sends the entire city into a spiral of near-apocalyptic chaos. Road accidents skyrocket, services like electricity begin to fail, and worst of all, transit all over the region shudders to a halt. When the weather... Continue Reading

Student U-Pass Program to Be Voted on Via KSA Referendum

If you are a KPU student and you’re reading this, it is statistically probable that you use a U-Pass card to transit to school. According to TransLink’s 2017 annual report on the U-Pass program, 61 per cent of KPU students who paid the U-Pass fee used their cards. The report also shows that, in the... Continue Reading

KSA Hires New Executive Director

A months-long search for the Kwantlen Student Association’s next executive director concluded with the hiring of Benjamin Newsom in December. Newsom had already been performing the duties of the position since July 11, when the interim period following the resignation of the former executive director, Jeremy McElroy, began. Newsom has years of experience with different... Continue Reading