The Effectiveness of Inconvenience Caused by Activism

With many streets in Vancouver being blocked or occupied over the past month, many have been decrying the methods behind actions taken in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en. Yes, it’s unfortunate to have to miss your appointments, but bad traffic in Vancouver isn’t considered big news unless it is being caused by protesters. And that’s the point.... Continue Reading

Hong Kong Political Action Reaches Canadian Campuses

As the Hong Kong protests continue, tension can be felt in Metro Vancouver, a city many Chinese-Canadians call home. In October, “pro-government” and “pro-democracy” protesters argued near the Aberdeen SkyTrain station. RCMP officers mediated. Last August, a Lennon Wall at SFU was vandalized, causing the Simon Fraser Student Society to vote on establishing a mobile... Continue Reading

Eat, Sleep, Protest

In March, the government of Hong Kong introduced an amendment to the law which would allow for extradition between Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and Mainland China. The bill was spurred by a murder which took place in Taiwan, when a man from Hong Kong killed his girlfriend, though a lack of extradition structure prevented the... Continue Reading

Going Global: The Impact of the Iran Crisis

Three days into the new year, U.S. President Donald Trump approved of an operation to assassinate the highest profile military general in Iran, Qasem Soleimani, leader of the Quds Force. Mere days afterwards, the Iranian army responded by firing rockets towards U.S. assets in Iraq. However, in the heat of the moment, a civilian airliner... Continue Reading

Supporters Decry Court Injunction, RCMP Raid in Wet’suwet’en Territory

Hundreds of people carried signs advocating for the government to respect Indigenous rights and take meaningful climate action through the streets of downtown Vancouver on Jan. 11. The aim of the march was to bring attention to the court’s late December decision to allow the RCMP to remove people who are preventing workers from entering... Continue Reading

Nuclear Energy Should Be Considered a Tool for Fighting Climate Change

While it seems that there’s limited consensus for the benefits of nuclear energy in the environmentalism movement, there isn’t much debate about the usefulness of nuclear power among scientists. Nuclear energy is safe and powerful, and it needs to be considered a viable option for fighting climate change while meeting our energy demands. Late last... Continue Reading

The Benefits of Speaking Multiple Languages

Knowing Multiple Languages Can Help You Grow, but Can Sometimes Get Confusing Dilpreet Kaur For me, being born in India and fluent in three languages brings a lot of benefits. In the very beginning, when children step into schools, they’re taught that they can’t survive without learning English. That’s the power of English language. It... Continue Reading

Thousands Gather for Climate Change March in Vancouver

Every square meter of the Georgia Street side of the Vancouver Art Gallery was packed on Oct. 25, crammed full of people who were there to protest government and corporate inaction on climate change. The protest was headlined by the Sustainabiliteens, a group of high school-aged young people from across the country who are suing... Continue Reading

Why the Conservatives Won Where You’d Expect but Nowhere Else

Even though the Conservatives won more popular votes than any other party, the nature of our electoral system ensured that they wouldn’t have the most seats. If they had made a few key choices, they could have had even more. I have been reading posts by many NDP-voting friends on my social media feeds, and... Continue Reading

A Few Suggestions for Other Places you can Learn About Election Issues

Tristan Johnston, Contributor Other than my casual intake of CBC and the Globe and Mail, National Observer is a somewhat underappreciated source of news. Formed in 2015, the National Observer was partially created to avoid the big oil money that was finding its way into other newspapers. This makes their B Corporation status notable, which... Continue Reading

Riding Profile: Steveston Richmond-East

Joe Peschisolido The Liberal Party Peschisolido is the founder of his own law firm, Peschisolido & Company, and served on the board of Bing Han Enterprises. He was first elected in 2000 as an MP of the Alliance party, and has been the incumbent Liberal MP since 2015. He says he wants to work with... Continue Reading

Meet the Parties You Probably Haven’t Heard About

During the 2015 election campaign, Justin Trudeau made ending Canada’s first-past-the-post electoral system into a major election promise. One of the biggest criticisms of the current system is that, instead of voters walking into ballot boxes to express their views, they enter it to keep out the least-desirable option. Despite this, many candidates outside of... Continue Reading

Four Federal Candidates Gather to Debate Climate Change Solutions in Richmond

With climate change on voters’ minds this election, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing so much discussion of it during the course of this election campaign. On Oct. 3, four election candidates gathered in Richmond’s Robert Palmer Secondary to discuss the climate crisis. Among them were incumbent Liberal candidate Joe Peschisolido, Steven Kou (Liberal), Jaeden... Continue Reading

Canadian Elections Are Open to Security Risks, But Not Like the U.S.

Canadians like to look to our Southern neighbours and reassure ourselves, “At least it’s not as bad as what the Americans have to deal with.” We do it with racism, healthcare, firearms—you name it. However, most problems the Americans have, we also have, though arguably to a lesser degree. The same goes for our elections’... Continue Reading

Piracy is Coming Back Thanks to the Limits of Streaming Services

One of the great wonders of modern capitalism, faults and all, is the fact that a firm can spend $100 million on a season of your favourite television series and only charge you a measly $15 for a month of watching it, as well as billions of dollars’ worth of other shows. Television and film... Continue Reading